More Summer Adventure for ‘Passport’ Members

Throughout the Summer of Adventure, PBS programs are traveling the globe — from China to Cuba, the waters of the Pacific to the Atlantic coast of Ireland — to give viewers a sweeping summerlong look at many of the most fascinating places and cultures on the planet.

adventure banner

Additional programs are available for streaming exclusively to our members who have activated IdahoPTV Passport. These titles represent the broad depth and breadth of the Passport library and highlight some of our most popular and exciting science, natural history, cultural, and travel programs. Summer of Adventure Passport picks include:

“Petra – Lost City of Stone” from NOVA

“Siberian Tiger Quest” from Nature

“Water,” an episode of Earth – A New Wild

“Nero’s Sunken City” from Secrets of the Dead

“Machu Picchu” from Time Scanners

Great Old Amusement Parks

These programs (and many others) can be found on IdahoPTV’s Passport video page or through the PBS Video app on your phone, tablet, or favorite streaming service (Roku, Apple TV, etc.). Information about registering for Passport and activating your account can be found here.

IdahoPTV Passport is a streaming service that gives IdahoPTV members additional programming with over 1,000 hours of content, including drama, science and history — anywhere, anytime, on any device. To become a member, call (800) 543-6868, email, or register online.

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