Over-the-Air Signal Changes for Cottonwood, Grangeville, Kamiah Areas

Over the next several months, Idaho Public Television will be replacing numerous translators throughout the state. Viewers who receive our over-the-air broadcast signal in the affected areas will need to “rescan” their televisions following the transition to a new translator.


KUID-TV viewers in the Cottonwood, Grangeville, Kamiah and Kooskia areas will be the first affected by this change. Those receiving the signal through an over-the-air antenna in these areas will need to rescan between October 15 and 31 to update their signal. (The change will not affect those receiving their signal via satellite or cable TV.)

The FCC has provided instructions on rescanning here.

If the rescan does not display the new channel, it may be necessary to follow these additional steps:

  • Turn off the television set or converter box
  • Unplug the power to the TV or box
  • Disconnect the antenna from the TV or box
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Plug the power back into the TV or box
  • Rescan the channels with the antenna still unattached
  • When the scan is complete, reattach the antenna and rescan channels again.

Why Are the Translators Being Replaced?

According to Rich Van Genderen, IdahoPTV’s director of technology, translator K46HX-D serves the Cottonwood/Grangeville area and repeats or translates the KUID-TV signal from Moscow. It is also the source channel for Kamiah and Kooskia translators as well.

Last year, as part of a nationwide FCC auction, telecommunications company T-Mobile purchased spectrum in the 600 MHz block from coast to coast to bolster their cellular network. K46HX-D is sitting right in the middle of their purchased spectrum and must shut down by October 31. IdahoPTV was successful in applying for and receiving a temporary new channel assignment to remain whole in the region.

Viewers in the affected areas who perform a rescan will find a complete duplicate set of IdahoPTV channels between October 15 and 31. After the latter date, K46HX-D will be shut down permanently and only the new set of channels will be available.  There will be no interruption in service for over-the-air viewers who perform a rescan between October 15 and 31.

“A nod should be given to T-Mobile in that they graciously offered to pay for any equipment and services necessary to relocate our service to a new channel,” says Van Genderen. “So although this is an inconvenience, at least it isn’t an unfunded mandate for us to meet.”

One thought on “Over-the-Air Signal Changes for Cottonwood, Grangeville, Kamiah Areas

  1. Alfred Lawson says:

    Lowman patrons lost IPTV on Snow Day when you switched from analog to digital signal. Is there a fix for that? We’d love to have you back.


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