New ‘Science Trek’ Video Shorts Explore Botany

Idaho Public Television’s original series Science Trek explores the anatomy of plants, discovers which plants are edible, and visits the Idaho Botanical Garden in a series of video shorts on botany released in October.

Science Trek BotanyEach month, Science Trek explores a subject with digital shorts available on the Science Trek website, on a Facebook page for parents and teachers, on YouTube, and on PBS LearningMedia, a free media site for preK-12 educators.

The following video shorts will be available on these platforms in October:

Botany: The Basics – Botany is the study of plants. Learn the parts of the plant, how they make food and how they keep us alive.

Botany: Idaho Botanical Garden – Take a tour of parts of the Idaho Botanical Garden to learn more about the plants around us. Find out more about the English garden, carnivorous plants, and some interesting ways to grow food. Elizabeth Dickey, education director for the Idaho Botanical Garden, is interviewed.

Botany: Edible Plants – Earth has more than 80,000 edible plants, yet we eat only a small fraction of those.  Science Trek shows you some alternative plants to try at your next dinner.

Botany: Record Plants – Plants are pretty amazing. Find out which ones set records.

Botany: Fruit or Vegetable – Some things we call a vegetable are actually fruits, unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes.

Botany: Seeds – Seeds are how plants begin, but seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Find out more about seeds.

Science Trek is made possible through funding from Idaho National Laboratory.

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