‘Wild Kratts’ Fans Meet the Kratt Brothers in Boise

Fans of the PBS Kids program Wild Kratts got a chance to meet the show’s stars, Martin and Chris Kratt, in Boise on October 1. The Kratt brothers were in town for two performances of Wild Kratts Live!, part of the 2017-2018 Fred Meyer Broadway in Boise season at the Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. The show is a live theatrical presentation based on the animated television series.

Students from Donnelly Elementary School went behind the scenes to meet Martin and Chris Kratt during the Boise performance of Wild Kratts Live!
Students from Donnelly Elementary School go behind the scenes to meet Martin and Chris Kratt before a Boise performance of Wild Kratts Live!

Wild Kratts Live! begins with the Kratt brothers donning their Creature Power vests to give comical but educational demonstrations about the abilities of wild animals. Then the brothers receive a message that their archenemy, Zach, and his Zachbots have stolen one of the Wild Kratts’ favorite inventions. With their amazing animal abilities, the brothers set off to confront the bumbling villain. The Kratts’ technology doesn’t always work as planned, which results in pratfalls and slapstick fun, but the brothers press on and ultimately rescue their invention from Zach’s clutches.

A limited number of fans had the chance to go behind the scenes and meet Martin and Chris Kratt before each performance.

“My sons love the Wild Kratts show. When I saw there was an opportunity for my sons to meet the Kratt brothers, it didn’t take me long to decide to move on it,” says IdahoPTV viewer Samantha Marshall. “I felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them to meet the heroes who have taught them so many fantastic creature facts. Since my niece and nephew also enjoy the show, I thought it would be a great family adventure. And, indeed, it was. We all had a marvelous time. Not only was Wild Kratts Live! an energetic and engaging program, but the meet-and-greet afterwards was all we had hoped it would be. My sons and their cousins were delighted to meet Chris and Martin and to be able to ask them questions. Plus, Martin queried each one about their favorite creature. It was truly an opportunity my sons won’t soon forget. Thank you, Idaho Public Television, for providing such a wonderful experience for my family and me!”

Teena Wright, Idaho Public Television’s membership director, says, “Children’s education is a big part of what we do at IdahoPTV. Community events such as Wild Kratts Live! are fun and meaningful ways for us to engage our community partners like the Morrison Center, our donors and their families around our commitment to quality educational programming.”

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