Festival Specials Showcase Our Idaho Experience

During Festival 2018 (March 2-18) and continuing through March, Idaho Public Television presents special programs that examine Idaho’s history, explore the state’s great outdoors, meet some of its most philanthropic business leaders, and trace the source of some ancient Idaho artifacts.

IdahoPTV’s newest series, Idaho Experience, debuts its first episode, Titans, on Thursday, March 8, at 7 PM.

There was a time when Joe Albertson had his first grocery store, when mining magnate Harry Magnuson was unsure about his future. Making it big in business means taking risks and putting everything on the line. But is success about more than just making money? These Idaho titans of industry are rags-to-riches stories that some people think they know — but there is more to them than you might think.

“When I set out to make this program, I didn’t know what to expect,” says producer Aaron Kunz. “But sitting down with family members, historians, and friends of Idaho’s titans, I learned that making money was just a small part of who they are. Many of these titans had to give back to Idaho and their community; it was built into their DNA. I hope when you watch this program you’ll see these recognizable names in a whole new way.”

The hourlong 35th Anniversary Special from Outdoor Idaho (Thursday, March 8, at 8 PM) revisits some of the scenic wonders the show has explored, and examines some of the land management issues the state still faces. Along the way, there are bloopers and some favorite interviews. Idaho singer-songwriter Casey Kristofferson even performs an original song.

“We’ve sorted through the archives to find some fun outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage caught on camera over the years,” says producer Sauni Symonds. “And we’ll take a stroll down memory lane with some of the folks who helped create the show and build the brand.”

“We’ve asked our Facebook friends to tell us what the show means to them, and some of those comments will make it into the program,” says host and executive producer Bruce Reichert. “But I suspect I already know why Outdoor Idaho has a following: we tell Idaho’s stories.”

Outdoor Idaho is made possible through funding from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation.

Idaho From Above

An encore of the aerial spectacular Idaho From Above from local filmmakers Wide Eye Productions airs Monday, March 12, at 7 PM. With more contiguous wilderness than any state outside of Alaska, Idaho’s remote and rugged landscapes are best captured from the air. Filmed from a helicopter and acquired in stunning high definition, Idaho From Above explores all the wonders our state offers — wild, mountainous, cracked with desert canyons and flowing with rivers of life.

Production funding for Idaho From Above was provided to Wide Eye Productions by Air St. Luke’s.

Legacy in Stone

In 1961, an amazing discovery of ancient Clovis points (a projectile point similar to an arrowhead, knapped from flint or a similar mineral) was uncovered on the Bill Simon farm in Fairfield, Idaho.

In Legacy in Stone: Discovering Ancient Flintknapping in Idaho (Tuesday, March 13, at 8:30 PM), Twin Falls residents Jim Paxton, Al Frost and Jim Woods team up with producer Mark Bork for a documentary about what is known today as the Simon Collection. Estimated to be 12,000 years old, this cache of more than 30 Clovis points is now on display at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science at the College of Southern Idaho.

Northwest archeologists come together in the film to demonstrate the art, science and skill of flintknapping, which created these exquisite ancient artifacts. “I did not know what flintknapping was when we started. Today I am in awe of the artists who have mastered this ancient skill,” says director Mark Bork. “Twin Falls is so fortunate to house such a rare collection of artifacts. They are beautiful and tell a story of what life was like thousands of years ago.”

Rosalie Title

We pay tribute to Idaho music legend Rosalie Sorrels, who passed away in 2017, with an encore of Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho (Thursday, March 15, at 7 PM). The program features a concert performance recorded in 2005 at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey and also includes interviews with musicians Pete Seeger, Nanci Griffith, Jean Ritchie, Terry Garthwaite, Utah Phillips and others.

During the tribute, Boise musician Rocci Johnson will be in the studio to introduce Tribute to the Travelin’ Lady: Rosalie Sorrels, a four-CD box set featuring 44 songs written or inspired by Sorrels and performed by local and national artists. Viewers will have the opportunity to pledge their support for IdahoPTV and receive this historical compilation as a CD set or a digital download card.

Just imagine … you arrive in Idaho without understanding the culture, the language or the law. Who can you trust?

American Beat: Cops and Refugees Join Forces in Boise (Thursday, March 29, at 8:30 PM) weaves together three stories about a local police department’s commitment to supporting immigrants: the officers’ groundbreaking efforts to integrate and mentor refugees; the determination of a former Iraqi translator for the U.S. military putting down roots with his family and hoping to become a police officer; and the story of Boise, Idaho, itself, a city working to help refugees from war-torn Africa and the Middle East learn to trust that in America, a united community can conquer tragedy and hate.

“There is real power in sharing the stories of people who face challenges together, and how people cross cultural divides to come together, rather than be ripped apart,” says producer Gail Ablow. “Particularly at this moment, there is much that people across the country can learn from the Boise Police Department’s ‘American Beat.’”

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