Explore the Beauty of Australia and Mexico in Two August Specials


Outback (three Wednesdays at 7 PM beginning August 1) explores Australia’s Kimberley region over the course of a year. This rugged northwestern section of Australia comes to life with spectacular wilderness and tough characters in The Kimberley Comes Alive (August 1). Turtles lay their eggs, cattle are prepared for rodeos, elite athletes dive for pearls, and a mother marsupial sets her babies free in The Dry Season (August 8). In Return of the Wet (August 15), watch as the Outback skies explode with thunder and rain, breaking the stifling heat, bringing relief to the animals and people, and beginning a new season in this ancient land.

Wonders of Mexico (three Wednesdays at 8 PM beginning August 1) travels along Mexico’s mountain spine, explores the tropical forests of the Maya, and journeys across the deserts of northern Mexico to discover its amazing wildlife and culture. Forests of the Maya (August 1) explores the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico’s far south, swathed in a forest stretching 50,000 square miles and once ruled by the mighty Maya civilization. Mountain Worlds (August 8) travels the rocky spine of the Sierra Madre mountain chain to discover an amazing diversity of life and culture. Burning North (August 15) journeys through the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts, introducing the animals that have adapted to the harsh conditions in order to thrive there.

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