IdahoPTV Honors Its Volunteers, Names ‘Volunteer of the Year’

On Oct. 1, Idaho Public Television held its annual volunteer appreciation event at its studios in Boise. Volunteers were treated to dinner, thanked for their service, and shown previews of upcoming local and national programs that their volunteer work makes possible.

Volunteer dinner

According to Shane Chariton, IdahoPTV major giving director, volunteers worked a combined 5,509 hours this past year. Using a $24.69 value of a volunteer hour (calculated annually by Independent Sector), that’s the equivalent of $136,017 donated as volunteer work — funds that were able to be put toward programs and activities that support IdahoPTV’s mission: to encourage lifelong learning, connect Idaho communities, and enrich the lives of all Idahoans.

Terry the Mule Lee

Terry “The Mule” Lee (pictured) was named Idaho Public Television’s volunteer of the year. “It’s not often that volunteers can keep up with our award-winning production crew — but Terry worked 204 hours this year alone, carrying equipment and assisting the crew on Outdoor Idaho shoots for many of the shows you’ll enjoy this year. His hard work in the field year after year is much appreciated!” Chariton says.

“The staff of Idaho Public Television wishes to thank all of our wonderful volunteers,” Chariton says. “We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and your volunteer support throughout the year!”

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