Over-the-air Signal Change Coming to Rexburg

On August 14, the Idaho Public Television signal broadcasting to the Rexburg area will be re-channeled.

Following the re-channeling, viewers in the Rexburg translator area who receive IdahoPTV via an over-the-air antenna will lose their signal and will need to perform a “rescan” of their TV tuners in order to receive the updated signal. After rescanning, viewers will continue to find IdahoPTV on broadcast channel 10.

Information on performing a rescan is located here: fcc.gov/rescan.

Here is some background on why this is happening: the South Menan Butte translator (K43JD-D) that serves the Rexburg area is currently broadcasting on frequency channel 43 (received by TV tuners as channel 10). Telecommunications company T-Mobile has purchased that frequency and is paying for IdahoPTV to relocate to a new channel. IdahoPTV elected to relocate their translator to North Menan Butte, which is located closer to Rexburg. The new translator (K20MQ-D) will broadcast on frequency channel 20, which will continue to be received by TV tuners as channel 10.

In 2017, as part of the FCC’s nationwide Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction, T-Mobile purchased spectrum in the 600 MHz block across the continental United States to bolster their cellular network. The Rexburg translator sits in the middle of T-Mobile’s purchased spectrum and is required to change channels or terminate operations entirely. IdahoPTV was successful in applying for and receiving a new channel assignment to continue broadcasting in the area.

“A nod should be given to T-Mobile in that they graciously offered to pay for the equipment and services necessary to relocate our service to a new channel,” says Rich Van Genderen, IdahoPTV’s director of technology. “So although this is an inconvenience, at least it isn’t an unfunded mandate for us to meet.”

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