Idaho Is Resilient

newlogoblueIdahoans are a resilient bunch. In times of crisis, we come together to help one another. In that spirit, Idaho Public Television is here for you.

We have created a  COVID-19 website dedicated to keeping the Gem State informed on the situation.  Melissa Davlin and Idaho Reports will continue coverage beyond the legislative session to provide updates including a  special hour-long live program with Gov. Brad Little this Thursday at 8pm MT | 7pm PT. In addition, look for short daily updates on Idaho coronavirus news beginning next week before and after the PBS NewsHour on our main channel.

With students at home, our Distance Learning website provides educatorsfamilies and  communities resources to support the entire learning ecosystem, both broadcast and online. And our locally produced program  Science Trek provides a wide range of STEM-related resources.

We are making all of our local programming available without restrictions, so everyone can enjoy our full archives of Outdoor IdahoDialogueIdaho Experience and more. Enjoy these programs on the PBS Video app and on your smart TV, streaming device or computer .

And finally, Masterpiece has prepared a list of historical dramas to watch, making us feel, however briefly, that we’ve traveled far beyond the familiarity of our living rooms.

I am very proud of our extraordinary team who are more committed than ever to doing their work, even if most of them are doing it from home. A small team of engineers and others has to be in our office to keep us on air and online with timely coverage. But, most of the 70 or so IdahoPTV staffers are working remotely. Wherever we are working, you can count on us to continue to answer your calls and emails and do the important work you rely on throughout this period.

Together, we will get through this, Idaho.

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2 thoughts on “Idaho Is Resilient

    1. Stephanie says:

      Hi Denise,

      I’m so glad you found the “Idaho is Resilient” post helpful. We’ve been working hard to get as much information as possible to our community at large. Thanks so much for letting us know you appreciated it.


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