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Thousands of Idaho students don’t have a computer at home or a way to connect to the internet so they can learn remotely during this coronavirus pandemic. But nearly every family in Idaho has a television set and can watch Idaho Public Television. That is where IdahoPTV’s “Classroom Idaho: Learn @ Home” programming can connect these students with certified Idaho teachers so that they can finish learning for the balance of this school year.

Beginning April 20, Idaho teachers will provide instruction to students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 via Idaho Public Television’s CREATE channel (one of our five free over-the-air broadcast channels).

Third grade instruction begins at 8am MT/7am PT, and will repeat at Noon MT/11am PT; 4th grade instruction begins at 9am MT/8am PT; 5th grade instruction begins at 10am MT/9am PT and 6th grade instruction begins at 11am MT/10am PT. The instruction will be aligned with what the students would be learning if they were still attending their brick-and-mortar schools.

The same lessons will also be available in playlists for students with connectivity at IdahoPTV’s YouTube channel.

ClassroomID statewide channels

IdahoPTV’s over-the-air broadcast channels are free to receive. All you need is an antenna. Our signal is available to over 99 percent of the households in Idaho. For information on where to find our CREATE channel and other free channels in your area, or how to re-scan to find our channels, visit our website.

Our full channel lineup is also available on many major cable outlets around the state. Check with your local cable provider.

Idaho Public Television General Manager Ron Pisaneschi shared the station’s enthusiasm for the project noting that “We are pleased to partner with the State Department of Education and Idaho Business for Education to use the power of public television to deliver these lessons to students in homes throughout Idaho. PBS has always been America’s largest classroom, but now we are bringing Idaho’s teachers and their lessons directly into students’ homes.”

Idaho Business for Education is working during this epidemic to get computers and internet connectivity to as many students as possible who don’t have these resources at home,” IBE President and CEO Rod Gramer said. “But we also know that getting these resources to every student in a timely way may not be possible. That’s why IBE so appreciates Idaho Public TV stepping up and providing “Classroom Idaho: Learn @ Home” so that all 3rd-6th grade students in Idaho have access to instruction from one of Idaho’s great teachers.”

“For the State Department of Education and educators throughout Idaho, a crucial objective during this soft closure has been to find ways to reach all of our students with distance learning, although online access and equipment is a major challenge in many communities and households,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said. “I am thrilled that Idaho Public Television has stepped forward to level the playing field, providing instruction via equipment that virtually all households already have – their TVs.” “Through this partnership with Idaho Public Television and Idaho Business For Education, some of Idaho’s great teachers will provide instruction in math, history and more to students in grades 3 through 6, the key demographic that is not currently reached by educational TV in Idaho. We are thrilled to line up teachers for the project and help bring this brilliant idea to Idaho children and families.”

CLASSROOM IDAHO: Learn @ Home is a partnership of Idaho Public Television, Idaho Business for Education and the State Department of Education.

2 thoughts on “CLASSROOM IDAHO: Learn @ Home

  1. shamilee says:

    I am so very thankful for the new classes on free public tv! I have been a homeschool mom for 10+yrs and having this available for our family is life-changing. Please continue this forever!!!


    1. Stephanie, Idaho Public Television says:

      Hi Shamilee,

      We’re so glad to hear that our on-air and online classes are helping you with homeschooling!

      If you haven’t seen some of our other educational offerings, check out these links. Most of these resources have great lesson plans that are aligned with state standards.

      There are a lot of resources on this page and they’re broken down into class levels and include a lot of links to other resources —

      PBS Learning Media has a lot of Idaho-based content.

      Science Trek is our own program and there are lots of science topics and videos to go with them.

      There are more resources on our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to email me at




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