New Productions Explore Hemingway’s Idaho Years, Remote Idaho Travel Destinations

Two new productions from Idaho Public Television will illuminate the years writer Ernest Hemingway spent in the Gem State and explore some of the state’s hidden landscapes.

“Idaho’s Hemingway” on Idaho Experience

Many Idahoans are familiar with the basics of Ernest Hemingway’s Idaho story: the celebrities, the promotion for the new Sun Valley resort, the love for hunting — and that he died by suicide at his home along the Big Wood River. For a lot of people, that’s about it — until now. An upcoming Ken Burns documentary about Hemingway offered Idaho Public Television’s original series Idaho Experience an opportunity to tell a companion story about Hemingway’s life in Idaho.

“Idaho’s Hemingway” (airing March 4 at 7 PM and repeating March 14 at 6 PM) explores how the time he spent in Idaho from 1939 to 1961 influenced the author’s life, his work, his friends and his wife Mary. By looking for the traces of Hemingway that remain in Ketchum, the film explores what the Hemingway story tells us about our state’s cultural landscape, in Hemingway’s time and ours.

“The Community Library staff helped us examine the most important Hemingway materials in his Ketchum home and in its history center’s collection,” says producer Bill Manny. “The art, the books, the tools of his trade, they all give us a glimpse into the life of this complicated man who redefined writing and celebrity in the 20th century.”

Local broadcast of “Idaho’s Hemingway” is made possible with support from Idaho Central Credit Union. Major funding for Idaho Experience is provided by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation. Additional funding is provided by Anne Voillequé and Louise Nelson, Judy and Steve Meyer, the Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation, the Friends of Idaho Public Television, the Idaho Public Television Endowment, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“Off the Beaten Path” on Outdoor Idaho

There’s something special about being in a place where not many people go — and Idaho has plenty of places like that. For that reason, Idaho Public Television’s original series Outdoor Idaho spent 2020 exploring some lesser-known spots in preparation for a new production, “Off the Beaten Path.”

From whitewater on the Bruneau River to alpine lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains, from towering treetops in the Hobo Cedar Grove to an angler’s sanctuary on the Snake River, viewers will be dazzled by the special spots that dot our wondrous state.

Producer Lauren Melink describes the show as having something for everyone. “This show was a collaborative effort and I think viewers will feel that when they watch it,” she says.

Born from a brainstorming session, “Off the Beaten Path” tells the story of 11 distinct landscapes in Idaho through the voices of the people who’ve taken the time and energy to get there. The show will evoke both excitement and contemplation. “There’s a lot of beauty and serenity in this show that’s really appealing after such a tumultuous year,” Melink says.

“Off the Beaten Path” airs March 4 at 8 PM and repeats March 14 at 7 PM.

Outdoor Idaho is made possible through funding from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation.

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