IdahoPTV Productions Honored With Idaho Press Club Awards

The Idaho Press Club has announced its “Best of 2020” awards. Here are the Idaho Public Television productions and production team members honored by these annual awards.


Videographer of the Year – Jay Krajic – Outdoor Idaho


Outdoor/Environmental Reporting             

First place – Bill Manny, Jay Krajic – Outdoor Idaho: Idaho’s 12ers

Third place – Joan Cartan-Hansen, Al Hagenlock, Cassandra Groll, Jenessa Carson, Eric Westrom – Science Trek: Climate: Climate Change

Arts and Entertainment Reporting

First place – Forrest Burger – Idaho Experience: Drive-Ins

Second place – Marcia Franklin, Andy Lawless, Jay Krajic, Eric Westrom – Idaho Experience: Limberlost Press

Serious Feature

Honorable Mention – Aaron Kunz, Marv Hagadorn – Memorial Day

Television Writing – Program-length

First place – Forrest Burger – Outdoor Idaho: Barns of Idaho

Second Place – Jennie Sue Weltner – Idaho Experience: Ahead of Her Time

Third Place – Lauren Melink – Outdoor Idaho: Urban Wildlife

Television Writing – Single Story

First place – Marcia Franklin – Idaho Experience: Limberlost Press

Education Reporting

Second place – Andy Lawless, Tammy Scardino, Hank Nystrom – American Graduate: Explore COSSA

Election Reporting

Second place – Melissa Davlin, Troy Shreve, Devon Downey, Logan Finney – Idaho Reports: Applying Lessons Learned

Government/Political Reporting 

First place – Andy Lawless – American Graduate: Workforce Development Council Youth Apprenticeship Initiative


First place – Forrest Burger, Aaron Kunz – Idaho Experience: Through Youthful Eyes

Second place – Jennie Sue Weltner, Marcia Franklin, Andy Lawless – Idaho Experience: Ahead of Her Time

Third place – Bill Manny, Eric Westrom – Idaho’s Experience: Idaho Constitution Revealed

TV Graphics

First place – Cassandra Groll – Science Trek

Public Affairs- Studio

Third place – Melissa Davlin, Troy Shreve, Devon Downey, Logan Finney – Idaho Reports: Extraordinary Special Session

Public Affairs – Field

First place – Kris Millgate, Jay Krajic – Outdoor Idaho: Trailblazers

Second place – Jay Krajic, Bill Many, Bruce Reichert, Lauren Melink, Forrest Burger, Peter Morrill, Pat Metzler, Troy Shreve, Sauni Symonds, Terry ‘Mule’ Lee – Outdoor Idaho: Sawtooths On My Mind

Third place – Lauren Melink, Bruce Reichert, Aaron Kunz – Outdoor Idaho: Urban Wildlife

Videography – Program-length

First place – Jay Krajic – Outdoor Idaho: Jay Krajic composite

Second place – Forrest Burger – Outdoor Idaho: Barns of Idaho


Online-only Video Program – General

First place – Marcia Franklin, Dave Butler – The 180: Jonathan Amissa

Third place – Marcia Franklin, Jay Krajic – The 180: Howard Olivier

Best Website-General: Television

Second place – Stephanie Dickey, Cassy Rider – Idaho Public Television website

Best Website-Special Purpose

First place – Stephanie Dickey, Cassy Rider, Joan Cartan-Hansen, Janna DeLange – Science Trek

Best Audience Engagement

Third place – Lauren Melink, Aaron Kunz – Outdoor Idaho: Urban Wildlife


Election Report

Third place – Melissa Davlin – Idaho Reports Blog

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