Join Our Online Discussion on Idaho’s Workforce

As part of the “American Graduate” grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Idaho Public Television produced a series of videos highlighting pathways to apprenticeship and two-year degree programs to prepare students to fill in-demand, high-paying jobs in Idaho. We were able to work closely with the Idaho Workforce Development Council and see firsthand the great job they’re doing and what their work means for the state’s workforce. We intend to continue to play a role in helping with their efforts.

In October, Governor Brad Little and Idaho business, education and policy leaders discussed the needs of Idaho’s workforce during Age of Agility: The Governor’s Summit on the Future of Work. Idaho Public Television will broadcast a half hour of highlights from this summit on Monday, Nov. 1, at 8 PM.

That same evening (Monday, Nov. 1), we will host a live online panel discussion via Zoom focusing on the same topics at 8:30/7:30 PM MT/PT. Join Idaho Business for Education President and CEO Rod Gramer and Workforce Development Council Executive Director Wendi Secrist as they explore Idaho’s workforce needs with Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett from District 26; Senator David Lent, Republican from District 33; Representative Chris Mathias, Democrat from District 19 Seat B; and Representative Paul Amador, Republican from District 4 Seat B. The legislative panel will share their thoughts on the pathways available to students, educators and business leaders to meet the demands for the 21st century skills that are needed to build our workforce into an economically robust resource.

Visit our events webpage at for more information and to sign up to participate in the panel discussion.

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