Meet the Staff Mondays – Andrew Brinker

We thought our readers/viewers might like to learn about some of the folks that work at IdahoPTV. Because there are so many people who work behind the scenes, you may have seen some of them, or maybe only heard about them. Today we would like to introduce Annual Giving Specialist Andrew Brinker.

IdahoPTV’s Carol Beres sat down with Andrew, one of several new employees, to tell us why he moved to Idaho and started working at Idaho Public Television. Andrew works in the development department as an annual giving specialist. “I get to talk on the phone with our donors and help them…during Festival, I was able to take part helping out around the set. I took phone calls and basically whatever anyone needed, I was one of the people able to help them out. ”

Andrew grew up in Portland, Oregon. “I ended up choosing to go to the College of Idaho, where I was an alpine ski racer, which was an absolute blast. I made a lot of good friends through that.” He earned his bachelor’s degree in business. After college, he returned to Oregon. “I was a Harbormaster for two years…it was a really fun time. I met a lot of awesome people. And I learned some cool things along the way.” But the Gem State was never far from his mind. “Now I’m back in Idaho which I really fell in love with when I was in school.” He has two younger sisters, both of whom are active in sports. “One of my sisters is at the University of San Diego. She’s a rower there and a senior this year. My other sister is a senior in high school back in Portland. And she’s a competitive gymnast.”

Andrew is discovering all the opportunities Idaho has to offer for the adventurous. “McCall, Cascade, the Boise River, the Snake River. Any place I can go hiking or fishing.” And don’t think he’s slowing down on the ski hill anytime soon. “I might consider the Wednesday night league (at Bogus Basin) next year for ski racing. I did that my senior year of college when I wasn’t ski racing and I had a lot of fun with it…it’s in age groups anywhere from 18 to 70 years old. So you just get all sorts of people and it’s really fun. We have slalom races and giant slalom races. It’s just a few runs each night. And you have different teams; and you see who wins.”

When he’s in the mood for a snack, Andrew likes both the sweet and savory kind. “It depends on if I make it, or not. Last weekend I made some Buffalo chicken wraps, which were really good. I had them in the fridge and just pulled them out whenever. But if it’s something from the store, just a Snickers bar, something like that.”  And he feels a kinship with a certain PBS Kids character. “I’d say that I can relate to Curious George right now, because there’s a lot of different things to learn right now. And every single time I learn something new, there’s just this big “a-ha” moment.”

He’s happy to be a part of the PBS family. “One of the biggest reasons that I just love working here is that I feel on a daily basis what I’m doing is making a difference in the world…and I’m able to have some awesome interactions with people (who) I wouldn’t otherwise probably meet on a daily basis, so I think that’s really cool.” And Andrew is enjoying working with our members. “We have a diverse donor base and I get to meet a lot of cool people.”

Andrew feels that IdahoPTV fills an important need. “The more I learn about Idaho Public Television, I realize that we’re one of the last telecommunication type of companies that doesn’t try to put in a political message…that today can really divide a lot of different people and I think it’s important for everyone to be able to get news that they can trust and they know that they’re just getting information, they’re not getting what someone thinks about it.”

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