Meet the Staff Mondays – Jim Hadley

We thought our readers/viewers might like to learn about some of the folks that work at IdahoPTV. Because there are so many people who work behind the scenes, you may have seen some of them, or maybe only heard about them. Today we would like to introduce Graphic Design Specialist Jim Hadley.

IdahoPTV’s Carol Beres sat down with Jim recently. “I’m responsible for all of the station’s printed materials, which includes newspaper and magazine ads, producing the monthly Channels listings guide in print, online with hyperlinks and each month’s video promotion, as well as some of the graphics for our website and for social media posts. If there are graphics needed for a show, I help out with some of them.” Jim started with IdahoPTV 12 years ago.

Jim is a native Idahoan. “I was born and raised in Boise,” he says. “I went to North Junior High, then Boise High, transferring to Capital High School the 2nd half of my senior year because of cancelled art classes. Then I graduated from Boise State University with my bachelor’s degree in graphic design.” He started in the field before he graduated, so he’s been at it for approximately 44 years. Before coming to IdahoPTV, he worked in the corporate world for many years. “I was an art director at a display/exhibit company and at several ad agencies,” he said. “My last job at an agency lasted for over 20 years.”

Idaho Public Television has what Jim’s looking for when it comes to quality product. “The people are all great,” he says. “We have a reputation of doing solid work and good community work. Bruce Reichert had a pretty well-known reputation as executive producer for Outdoor Idaho. Anyone who ever said anything about Idaho Public Television, or had worked there, always loved it, so that means the people are definitely great to work with.”

Jim has a unique position in which he works with many departments. “I work with management, sponsorship, all of the producers of Outdoor Idaho, or Idaho Experience…every single one of the locally produced shows,” he says. “There’s not a department that I don’t do work for.” One area where Jim really likes to work is editing photos in Photoshop and Lightroom. For example, enhancing the Channels covers. “The cover for Salmon Reckoning for Outdoor Idaho,” he says. “That was a particular challenge because the fish was shot in a fish ladder…to make it look realistic, we had to find a photo of rocks and splashing water. Combining the two together was kind of a trick. Most people, if I do my job right, don’t realize the final image is made up of more than one image. And it’s not just any old salmon pictured. We did tons of research, making sure we had a Chinook salmon that actually was a species that could be found and caught in Idaho.”

Another challenging assignment was the Channels cover for Spud Country. “The Spud Country cover was two completely separate photos merged together,” he says. “There’s all kinds of photos of the Teton Range, but it’s usually from Teton National Park, which is the east side in Montana…the Idaho side is a little bit harder to find photos for. But we had to make sure we were showing a potato field in Idaho, and those Teton’s needed to be from the Idaho side. Most of the time we try to use local photographers. Making it factual, making it true, and correct for Idaho is the number one rule as far as I’m concerned.” One of his favorite covers would be the 2018 December Channels. It had a photo of Merriam Lake he took when he accompanied the Outdoor Idaho crew into the Lost River Range and climbed into Merriam and Pass Lakes near Mount Borah and Mount Idaho, just two of the nine over 12,000 peaks in that area.

Jim takes advantage of the Idaho outdoors in his free time. “I love to go backpacking and fishing in the summer,” he says. “I used to do a lot of snow skiing. Mostly at Bogus Basin, but also Brundage (near McCall) and Sun Valley.” He and his wife enjoy local car racing at Meridian Speedway, music concerts and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival as well. When it comes to his favorite part of the state, it’s tough to narrow it down. “Either the Lost River Range, the Sawtooths or North Idaho…because of the lakes and the gorgeous scenery up there,” he says. Jim doesn’t have a favorite snack, but he says he has a real weakness for candy or chocolate. He takes over the cooking duties in the summertime with his BBQ. “My son-in-law has a Traeger®, so we also use that a lot of the time,” he says. And he has two granddaughters, with another grandbaby on the way. “There’s a boy on the way in November,” he says. Jim’s quick to mention his favorite PBS Kids character is one that holds a special place in his heart. “I think my favorite character would be Big Bird, just because he’s so iconic,” he says. I’ve shot pictures of all my kids and my grandkids with (a stuffed) Big Bird that we have near the Master Control area downstairs.”

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