Meet the Staff Mondays – Sandy McBride

We thought our readers/viewers might like to learn about some of the folks who work at IdahoPTV. Because there are so many people who work behind the scenes, you may have seen some of them, or maybe only heard about them. Today we would like to introduce Sandy McBride, Director of Communications and Programming.

IdahoPTV’s Carol Beres recently sat down with Sandy. “I mainly oversee all of the communications, external and internal, for the station,” Sandy says. “And I’m supporting the programming team as well. We’re really trying to tie together digital. We’re pretty focused on linear (broadcasting), but we’re trying to move into the digital realm. And Communications directly promotes national and local programming; that’s why it fell under my umbrella.”

Sandy is a native Idahoan. “I’m a fifth-generation Idahoan. My family tree goes way, way back. My great-grandfather was the first Fire Chief of Twin Falls. And my grandfather was the Chief of Police in Twin Falls. My brother is in the Hailey area and the rest of us, there are four sisters, and we’re in the Treasure Valley area, which is really nice.”

Sandy went to the University of Idaho and started working in broadcasting after college. “I worked at KBCI (now KBOI)… I met my husband there. I worked there for seven years,” she says. She then went to work at another TV station in town. She says, “That was really fun, because even though there wasn’t a lot of equipment, it was really creative to start something from scratch: the logo and all of that.” She worked there for a few years, then had her own business for a while. “When my kids were growing up I worked part-time freelancing,” she says. From there, Sandy went to Idaho Fish and Game. “I did graphic design and video over there for (a number of) years. And then I came here seven years ago,” she remembers.

Her hobbies get her out in nature. “I love camping. When I was growing up, I camped in the South Hills, south of Twin Falls,” she says. “We’d camp there every weekend or up north in North Fork, or the Sun Valley, Wood River Valley area. And then when I moved here, my husband and I camped a lot in Idaho City. And when we had kids we’d go to McCall every summer.” Her favorite spot in the state is anywhere there’s a lake or river, such as McCall, where she can stand up paddleboard, kayak or occasionally fish. “I love the sound of water,” she says. She’s also partial to the Palouse. “I love the rolling hills up there. It’s a different landscape up there than it is down here.” Growing up in the Magic Valley, Sandy took to the outdoors. She says, “I used to work in the fields. I loved working in the fields and seeing the clouds roll in and a lot of weather patterns. I felt really connected to Earth that way.” Skiing is the next hobby Sandy would like to get involved in again. “When the kids were little, we skied every weekend…I’m hoping to get back into it. We’ll see,” she says.

Sandy feels strongly about working at Idaho Public Television. “I believe in the mission here. The people are all really good people and they care about Idaho. And they care about serving the underserved,” she says. “And I think that’s an important value.”

When the urge to snack strikes, Sandy keeps it salty or salty-sweet. “I love nachos. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are good,” she says. And her favorite PBS Kids character is D.W. from the much-loved Arthur show. “We didn’t have cable when the kids were little,” she remembers. “And so that’s all we’d watch (PBS). That was great for the kids, because I didn’t have to worry…Arthur just cracks me up. It’s very well written and really funny. And entertaining for the adults. And the kids loved Barney.”

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