IdahoPTV Launches Online Video Series on Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

– Maya Angelou

Idaho Public Television has launched a new online video series on its social media platforms called createid ( that showcases artists and other makers in Idaho. From iconography to ice carving, weaving to watercolors, createid illuminates the many ways Idahoans are making their creative marks. 

On Sunday, March 12, at 5:30 PM, the producers of the online series will appear on air live from the IdahoPTV studios to share createid videos and talk about the future of the series.

Idaho artist Lupe Galván
Idaho artist Lupe Galván

The createid team is experimenting with different lengths and styles of storytelling, including producing short pieces. The varied lengths and online format makes it easier to share stories quickly and also to connect with viewers. 

“Our goal is to produce stories that will look and feel like something completely new and fresh,” says executive producer Jennie Sue Weltner. “Creative storytelling about creatives. That’s our goal.” 

“Bringing something new and different to the IdahoPTV lineup has been a bit daunting at times,” says Troy Shreve, the director of the series. “But we’re embracing the challenge, and I’m excited to combine my interests of art and video to craft these stories in a creative way.”

Hand weaver Lily Martina Lee and some of her shrouds
Hand weaver Lily Martina Lee and some of her shrouds

createid is sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos on its social media feeds, as well as posts from artists. Producers also plan to provide opportunities for Idahoans to send photos and videos of their own work and submit ideas for future stories.

“PBS has such a long and rich history of celebrating human ingenuity and the arts,” says Marcia Franklin, the lead producer of createid. “It’s going to be really fun to build on that tradition by shining a light on Idaho creators and their unique ways of looking at our world and beyond.”

Greek iconographer George Kordis at work in the Greek Orthodox Church in Pocatello
Greek iconographer George Kordis at work in the Greek Orthodox Church in Pocatello

“IdahoPTV, with its award-winning producers and videographers, its statewide audience, and its commitment to sensitive and artistic storytelling, is the natural entity to produce and share these stories,” says Weltner.

createid launched in February at and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Producers will continue to add new content monthly. Subscribe to or follow createid on your favorite platforms to see new features!

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