How Do We Discuss Mental Health With Our Children?

‘Raising Resilient Kids: Mental Health Matters’ airs Tuesday, June 28, at 8 PM on Idaho Public Television.

“Are you okay? Why are you so sad? Can we talk?”

As parents, these are the moments that can break our hearts, when we see our children hurting. Join Idaho Public Television for a special discussion to learn how to have those difficult discussions with your children about their mental health. We know it can be a tough subject, but it is an important one that can truly save a life.

Raising Resilient Kids: Mental Health Matters (airing Tuesday, June 28, at 8 PM on Idaho Public Television) is a powerful hourlong special featuring some of Idaho’s top mental health experts (see list below). They will share their ideas on how to talk with kids about mental health, so parents and caregivers can be more effective in these critical conversations.

Learn what to do when your child is not okay, when to seek professional help, and how to help your kids be more resilient and hopeful, even when dealing with anxiety and stress. Hear some ideas about how to keep them healthy over the summer when school is out. Learn as a parent how you too can stay resilient, even when life is difficult. You can do this!

The panel discussion will be facilitated by Nicole Sanchez who also produced Resilient Idaho: Hope Lives Here. That award-winning documentary explores Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and shows how resilience is the antidote. It was made available nationwide to all PBS stations as Resilience: Hope Lives Here.

“We know there are young people in our communities who are really struggling. A lot of times it can be scary and hard to talk about mental health,” Sanchez says. “We want to take as much stress out of these conversations as possible. We hope to normalize these discussions and empower parents to help their children be more resilient and hopeful.”

Discussion Panelists

Dennis J. Woody, PhD – Dr. Dennis Woody is the Senior Clinical Program Consultant for Optum Idaho after serving as the Clinical Director since 2013 when Optum’s care management began in Idaho. Prior to joining Optum Idaho, Dr. Woody maintained a private pediatric neuropsychology practice focused on adolescents and children with brain injury sequelae, neurobehavioral problems, learning disabilities and neurodevelopmental issues. In tandem with his private practice, Dr. Woody consulted for the State of Idaho and the Meridian/West Ada and Boise school districts. He also has practiced at St. Luke’s Hospital, the Mountain States Tumor Institute (pediatrics) and Idaho Elk’s Rehabilitation Hospital for approximately 20 years before joining Optum Idaho. 

Noreen Womack, MD – Dr. Noreen Womack works in the St. Luke’s Children’s Mobile Care clinic. Her main goal is to help St. Luke’s reach children that are undergoing difficult circumstances and provide them with the quality, trauma-informed care they deserve. Dr. Womack graduated from medical school as Alpha Omega Alpha from University Texas Medical Center and completed her pediatric residency at Duke University Medical Center. She has served as the early childhood champion for the Idaho chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades, with special interest in adverse childhood experiences, resilience, and early literacy.

Keith Orchard, LCSW – From a wide range of positions, Keith Orchard has anchored his professional services to supporting the families, organizations, and systems that care for our community’s children. A licensed clinical social worker, Orchard serves as the Mental Health Coordinator for Coeur d’Alene Public Schools. He was formerly an environmental educator in the Peace Corps, wilderness therapy guide, senior clinician at Idaho Youth Ranch, clinical supervisor of the Family Advocate Program at the Marine Corps Base in Hawai’i, and a classroom teacher in Redmond, Washington.

Amber Leyba-Castle – In 2015, Amber Leyba-Castle began working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in the Wood River Valley, Idaho. Together with local high school staff, NAMI-WRV staff, and the board of directors, she founded a peer support group called the “Bluebirds.” She started this group because she wanted to change the culture of her school and strive to be the person that she needed during a time of adversity. Leyba-Castle is now the NAMI Idaho Young & Well coordinator, and has a personal story to share, along with the ability to represent how NAMI’s signature programs can directly impact rural areas, youth, and college-aged Idahoans. She is currently working towards a social work degree at Idaho State University in Pocatello.

Gretchen Gudmundsen, PhD – Dr. Gretchen Gudmundsen oversees diagnostic assessment and therapeutic intervention for the St. Luke’s Children’s Day Treatment Center. She provides psychological evaluation and consultation to assist in diagnosis and intervention planning with children and adolescents with psychiatric conditions. Dr. Gudmundsen works with a broad range of youth with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and has expertise in behavioral assessment and intervention with adolescents dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal and self-harming tendencies.

Nicole Sanchez, Host – Award-winning journalist Nicole Sanchez is a television host, reporter, and producer. She is passionate about telling stories that connect with people and help to improve their lives. Sanchez is the producer, writer, and narrator for Resilience: Hope Lives Here. This documentary produced by Idaho Public Television has aired on more than 150 television stations across the country and recently received several honors including a regional Emmy nomination and Edward R. Murrow Award. Sanchez is also the host of the Idaho News 6 award program “Shine a Light” and is a host and reporter for the newsmagazine show CityStream, which airs on the Seattle Channel.  Nicole is honored to serve as the President of the NW Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which produces the regional Emmys in Seattle.

In addition to the hourlong broadcast special, these five short videos for Raising Resilient Kids will be available on our Resilient Kids website:

Raising Resilient Kids: How to Talk about Mental Health

“What’s wrong? Are you OK?” We know it can be tough to talk about mental health with children, but it is incredibly important. In this short video, you can learn how to feel more confident having this discussion with your child about their struggles. Also learn the signs and symptoms of suicide and how you can support a child who needs help.

Raising Resilient Kids: How to Promote Hope & Resilience

We all want our kids to be resilient, but what exactly does that mean and how do we help them achieve that goal? In this short video, learn how to walk your child through adversity and why it’s not healthy to protect them from all problems and stress — otherwise they won’t have the opportunity to learn resilience. Learn how you can help them move forward after hardships in a healthy way.

Raising Resilient Kids: How to Help Kids with Big Feelings

“Calm down!” It might be something your parents yelled at you when you were upset. Or it might be something you recently said to your child. And it probably didn’t work out so well. In this short video, learn some better ways to help children regulate their emotions. This is a powerful tool that can help them not only be more resilient, but also be more successful in life and in their relationships.

Raising Resilient Kids: Help for Parents & Caregivers

Are you stressed out? Feel like you’re having a hard time taking care of your family? It might be that you need to find some intentional moments to also make sure you are taking care of yourself. You’ve heard it said every time you fly — put on the oxygen mask first and then assist others. That same advice applies to self-care. In this short video, learn how taking even just a few minutes for a break is not selfish, it’s actually really important. It can help you become a better parent.

Raising Resilient Kids: Staying Healthy over Summer

School’s out for summer! Most kids love to hear that, but it can cause some serious anxiety for parents. Now what do I do with them?! In this short video, learn some practical tips to keep kids healthy and active over the summer. No, you don’t have to throw out the gaming system, but limits are important. And learn why having a schedule can actually reduce anxiety in children and families.

Production of Raising Resilient Kids: Mental Health Matters was supported by grant NH75OT000105 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Idaho Resilience Project. Its contents are solely the responsibility of Idaho Public Television and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services or CDC. Additional funding has been provided by the Friends of Idaho Public Television Endowment.

Wildflowers Bloom on ‘Outdoor Idaho’

‘Wildflowers’ airs on ‘Outdoor Idaho’ Thursday, June 16, at 8 PM and repeats Sunday, June 19, at 7 PM.

Here in Idaho, we have birders and hikers, snowmobilers and climbers — but have you ever met a wildflower-er? On June 16, Outdoor Idaho introduces viewers to a cast of characters with one passion in common: wildflowers. It’s a show that’s been years in the making thanks to videographer Jay Krajic shooting video of wildflowers in every nook and cranny across the state of Idaho. Between his eye for beauty and show producer Lauren Melink’s ear for a good story, Wildflowers will surely delight all your senses. 

In this documentary we’ll look at wildflowers through the eyes of their devotees, among them: a photographer with an unquenchable curiosity, a botanist recording the landscape for future generations, a blogger with a zest for weeds, a flower seed farmer, and an educator in ethnobotany. 

We’ll also introduce viewers to a few of Idaho’s special wildflowers — visuals that just might inspire hobbyists to track these beauties down themselves. From Indian paintbrush to beargrass, syringa to bitterroot, Wildflowers is a lesson in appreciation. And for producer Lauren Melink, that was always the goal. “There’s just so much beauty in nature and some of it happens to be quite small. This show is about getting down on your hands and knees and appreciating the true magnificence of our Idaho landscape,” Melink says.

Wildflowers premieres Thursday, June 16, at 8 PM and repeats Sunday, June 19, at 7 PM on Idaho Public Television. IdahoPTV Passport members can stream it early beginning June 9.

Boise Cook Will Compete in ‘The Great American Recipe’

Boise home cook Nikki Tomiano-Allemand has been selected as one of ten contestants who will compete in the upcoming PBS series The Great American Recipe, which begins airing Friday, June 24, on Idaho Public Television.

PBS recently announced the ten talented home cooks who will showcase their culinary expertise in this eight-part uplifting competition series that celebrates the multiculturalism that makes American food so vibrant and unique. With a range of culinary styles infused by their backgrounds — from Syrian to Hungarian, Vietnamese to Mexican, Italian to Puerto Rican, Southern soul food to Filipino — the ten contestants represent the delicious diversity of American home cooking.

Local contestant Nikki Tomiano-Allemand was raised in the Seattle area but now lives in Boise with her husband and two sons, where she runs her own meal prep delivery service for other busy parents. Her cooking combines her family’s Italian roots with her Pacific Northwest upbringing. Her most cherished recipes are those passed down from her relatives, including her grandfather, who taught her many of his favorite dishes. Nikki’s love of world travel has inspired her to infuse a variety of international influences in her cooking.

To give back to the Boise community, Nikki hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner for families in need and works with a program that helps local youth receive culinary and life skills training and job placement in the food industry. Nikki’s signature dish is baccala, a salted cod stew that kicks off the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes in Italy, a recipe brought over by her family when they emigrated to the U.S.

Get to know all ten contestants here.

Hosted by Alejandra Ramos, each episode of The Great American Recipe gives the cooks an opportunity to showcase two of their beloved signature dishes as they compete to win the national search for “The Great American Recipe.” Judges Leah Cohen, Tiffany Derry and Graham Elliot bring their professional insights and deep culinary knowledge to encourage and support the contestants along the way.

The Great American Recipe blends food, family and fun, highlighting the amazing variety of tastes and traditions found across the U.S., while capturing the roots of America’s diverse cuisine. From family favorites passed down through generations, to internationally influenced recipes that are quickly becoming mainstays of American cuisine, the series mixes camaraderie with competition, revealing rich personal stories and the inspiration behind the contestants’ favorite recipes. The series will culminate in a finale that features the finalists preparing an entire meal for the judges to make their ultimate decision. One of the winner’s dishes will grace the cover of The Great American Recipe Cookbook, which will also feature recipes from all of the contestants and the show’s host and judges.

The Great American Recipe airs Fridays at 9 PM beginning June 24 on Idaho Public Television and will be available for streaming at and through the PBS Video app.

Local broadcast of The Great American Recipe is made possible by support from AARP.

Idaho Public TV Productions Honored With Idaho Press Club Awards

The Idaho Press Club has announced its “Best of 2021” awards. Here are the Idaho Public Television productions and production team members honored by these annual awards.


Division A

1st – Lauren Melink, Jay Krajic, Kris Millgate, Bruce Reichert, Marcia Franklin – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho: Off the Beaten Path


1st – Bill Manny, Eric Westrom, Jay Krajic, Lauren Melink, Dexter Sear – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Experience: Idaho’s Hemingway


2nd – Ruth Brown, Morgan McCollum – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Reports: Access to Youth Mental Health Care


1st – Bill Manny, Troy Shreve, Ruth Brown – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Experience: Nothing But the Truth


2nd – Marcia Franklin, Logan Finney, Troy Shreve, Morgan McCollum, Andy Lawless, Hank Nystrom – Idaho Public Television – Dialogue: Historian Tom Ikeda


1st – Bruce Reichert, Pat Metzler, Forrest Burger, Aaron Kunz, Jay Krajic, Hank Nystrom – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho: Salmon Reckoning


1st – Marcia Franklin, Andy Lawless – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Experience: Caxton: An American Press
3rd – Nicole Sanchez, Pat Metzler, Hank Nystrom – Idaho Public Television – Resilience: Hope Lives Here


1st – Melissa Davlin – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Reports Special: A Statewide Disaster


1st – Joan Cartan-Hansen – Idaho Public Television – Science Trek
2nd – Forrest Burger – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho: Barns of Idaho
3rd – Lauren Melink – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho: Off the Beaten Path


2nd – Andy Lawless – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Experience: Caxton: An American Press

3rd – Outdoor Idaho staff – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho: Salmon Reckoning


1st – Cassandra Groll – Idaho Public Television – Science Trek: Skin


3rd – Joan Cartan-Hansen, Al Hagenlock, Cassandra Groll, Troy Shreve, Jenessa Carson – Idaho Public Television – Science Trek: Animal Adaptation: Crawfish or Crawdad?


1st – Bruce Reichert, Lauren Melink, Emily Brunell, Cassandra Groll, Forrest Burger, Bill Manny – Idaho Public Television – Outdoor Idaho


2nd – Stephanie Dickey, Robin Barclay – Idaho Public Television –


1st – Stephanie Dickey, Robin Barclay, Joan Cartan-Hansen, Janna DeLange, Krystal Goodman – Idaho Public Television – Science Trek


1st – Melissa Davlin – Idaho Public TV – Idaho Reports Blog – The Surprise Factor Sets McGeachin Apart from 1987’s Lt. Gov. Otter

3rd – Logan Finney – Idaho Public TV – Idaho Reports Blog – Idaho Reports: Senate Moved Methodically on COVID Legislation


1st – Melissa Davlin – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Reports Blog – “It’s Such a Traumatic Experience.” Nampa Toddler Recovering After COVID Nearly Causes Liver Failure

3rd – Melissa Davlin – Idaho Public Television – Idaho Reports Blog – Families Struggle to Find Local Care as Idaho Hospitals Hit Crisis


2nd – Jim Hadley – Idaho Public Television – Channels: Salmon Reckoning

Congrats to Our Production Team for 2022 Emmy Nominations

The Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS Northwest) recently announced its 2022 Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominations. We’re proud to announce that Idaho Public Television was nominated for 13 awards. Here are the honors for which our producers, filmmakers and station were nominated. Winners will be announced during a ceremony on Saturday, June 4, at Fremont Studios in Seattle.

Overall Excellence – Idaho Public Television – Jeff Tucker, General Manager

Business/Consumer – Short and Long Form ContentOutdoor Idaho “Spud Country” – Lauren Melink, Producer

Health/Medical – Long Form Content “Resilience: Hope Lives Here” – Pat Metzler, Producer/Editor; Hank Nystrom, Producer/Photographer/Editor; Nicole Sanchez, Producer/Writer/Narrator

Historical/Cultural – Long Form ContentIdaho Experience “Idaho’s Hemingway” – Bill Manny, Producer

Documentary – Topical Idaho Experience “Caxton: An American Press” – Marcia Franklin, Producer; Andy Lawless, Director

Interview/Discussion Dialogue “Author Catherine Grace Katz” – Marcia Franklin, Producer/Host; Logan Finney, Associate Producer; Troy Shreve, Director

Children/Youth/Teens Science Trek “Animal Adaptation: How to Survive” – Joan Cartan-Hansen, Producer; Al Hagenlock, Director; Cassandra Groll, Graphic Artist

Informational/Instructional – Long Form ContentOutdoor Idaho “Off the Beaten Path” – Lauren Melink, Producer; Bruce Reichert, Producer/Host; Marcia Franklin, Producer; Kris Millgate, Producer

and Outdoor Idaho “Women Who Hunt” – Lauren Melink, Producer

Writer – Non-news (Short/Long Form Content) – Bill Manny and Lauren Melink

Photographer – Short Form or Long Form Content – Jay Krajic

Graphic Arts – Cassandra Groll

Melissa Davlin a Finalist for ‘Best of Boise’

Melissa Davlin, Idaho Public Television producer and host of Idaho Reports, has been named a finalist in Boise Weekly’s annual Best of Boise awards. Davlin is nominated in the “Best Columnist/Reporter” category.

The public is invited to vote for their favorite finalists in hundreds of categories when voting opens May 11 through May 25, 2022.

Unlike previous years, when the Best of Boise ballot was pre-populated with the previous year’s finalists, nominations for this year’s awards were completely based on write-in votes from the public, according to Boise Weekly’s Darce Johnson. Nominations were accepted from March 2 through March 21, 2022. “This year, nominations required people to take the time to enter the names of 100 percent of their choices,” Johnson said. Davlin was one of the top five most nominated for “Best Columnist/Reporter” under the “People” group and will appear on the final Best of Boise ballot.

Davlin is a writer and producer for Idaho Public Television and host of Idaho Reports, the longest-running public policy show in the West. She also produces for IdahoPTV’s history documentary series Idaho Experience. Davlin has won multiple awards, including an Emmy for her documentary on Chinese immigration in the northwest, the 2018 Broadcast Reporter of the Year from the Idaho Press Club, and the 2019 Enhancing Public Discourse Award from Boise State University. She currently serves as vice president of the Idaho Press Club.

Voting begins May 11 on the Best of Boise website and continues through May 25 (Davlin appears in the “People” category under the finalists for “Best Columnist/Reporter.”) Each participant will be asked to register with a name, email address and phone number to limit voting to one set of votes per person.

Best of Boise 2022 winners will be announced at a gala hosted on July 26 at JUMP. The list of winners will also be published in a Boise Weekly special section on July 28 and published on the Best of Boise website on July 31.

Live Coverage of Jackson Confirmation Hearing Begins Monday, March 21

Idaho Public Television and PBS NewsHour will provide live coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court beginning Monday, March 21, on the PLUS Channel, one of IdahoPTV’s five free over-the-air broadcast channels.

The Jackson Confirmation Hearings: A PBS NewsHour Special Report will offer live, full coverage of the hearings, scheduled for March 21, 22 and 23. Coverage is expected to begin at 9:00 AM Mountain/8:00 AM Pacific on Monday, March 21, and at 7:00 AM Mountain/6:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 22 and 23.

PBS NewsHour will provide anchored live coverage of each day’s proceedings. Judy Woodruff will anchor in the mornings and Amna Nawaz will anchor in the afternoons.

Monday, March 21, is expected to include opening statements by the lawmakers and Jackson. March 22 and 23 will include questions of the nominee. Note that testimony from witnesses in support of the nomination is planned for Thursday, March 24, and will be carried by PBS NewsHour online only.

IdahoPTV’s PLUS Channel is provided free over-the-air via antenna and through many of Idaho’s cable TV providers on these channels:

Eastern Idaho: Antenna 10.2, Sparklight 44

Treasure Valley/West Central: Antenna 4.2, Sparklight 1005

Panhandle/Spokane: Antenna 26.2, Time Warner/Spectrum 1275, Xfinity/Comcast 317, TDS 46/1046

Palouse/Camas Prairie: Antenna 12.2, Time Warner Xpectrum 1275, Sparklight 44

Magic Valley/Wood River : Antenna 12.2, Sparklight 44, Cox 116

Nominate an Idaho Teacher to Be Our Next Digital Innovator

Idaho Public Television needs your help identifying a tech-savvy, innovative and collaborative teacher to honor as our next Digital Innovator.

The IdahoPTV Digital Innovator program recognizes Idaho teachers who enhance learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classrooms. Each spring IdahoPTV selects one Idaho K-12 educator to serve as Digital Innovator for the following school year.

Whether you’re a fellow teacher, a school administrator, a parent or a student, YOU can nominate your favorite classroom changemaker to be the 2022-2023 IdahoPTV Digital Innovator. Do you know an educator who pushes the boundaries of teaching to better engage their students, and who enhances learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classroom? A teacher who is passionate, bold and innovative? A classroom collaborator who is excited to share new resources and skills with fellow educators?

We are accepting your nominations from March 14 through April 15, 2022. Nominees must be K-12 educators holding a current teaching certificate and currently teaching in an Idaho classroom or working in an Idaho school.

You can nominate them online and include a one-page letter with the following details:

• How long have you known the educator?
• Why do you think this educator deserves to be the IdahoPTV Digital Innovator?
• What is something innovative this educator is currently doing in their classroom?

The winning Digital Innovator will be announced in May 2022. This teacher will have opportunities to explore new teaching strategies and share their knowledge with other Idaho teachers. Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, the Digital Innovator will partner with IdahoPTV education staff on professional development trainings for teachers around Idaho. They will also receive an expenses-paid trip to the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) 2023 conference in Seattle as well as a classroom innovation kit from IdahoPTV.

Read more about the IdahoPTV Digital Innovator program and watch videos from past Digital Innovators here.

Musical Specials, Idaho History and More During Festival 2022!

Each night and weekend day of Festival (Feb. 25 – March 13) is filled with musical specials, inspiring documentaries, Idaho history specials, and health and wellness programs that remind viewers of the vital role public television plays in educating, entertaining and enriching families throughout the year. Here are just a few of the new programs and specials we’re featuring during Festival 2022. You can find our complete Festival broadcast schedule online at

Roy Orbison Forever (Friday, Feb. 25, at 8:30 PM) is a celebration of the effortlessly cool, five-time Grammy-winning Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. The program charts Orbison’s career and close relationships with other musicians through interviews and archival performances, some of them never before seen in America.

Dear Jerry: Celebrating the Music of Jerry Garcia (Friday, Feb. 25, at 10 PM) honors one of the most influential musicians and cultural icons of our time. The concert event, filmed at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, features performances by Phil Lesh & Communion, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann with Billy & the Kids, and others.

Betty White: First Lady of Television (Saturday, Feb. 26, 5:30 PM) is the definitive look at Betty White’s life and career. As the only authorized documentary on Betty ever made, this film is packed with hilarious clips from her long career plus tributes from friends and co-stars including Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, Tina Fey, Carl Reiner, Carol Burnett, Pamela Adlon and many others.

Join the multi-platinum Irish ensemble on a spectacular musical journey around the Emerald Isle in Celtic Woman: Postcards From Ireland (Saturday, Feb. 26, at 9 PM). As the world looks forward to getting together again, the all-female vocal group shares a message of love and hope with fans around the world. Watch for your opportunity to donate for tickets to see Celtic Woman when they play Boise in May!

Wynonna Judd and her band perform country classics, hits and new selections at her home just outside Nashville, Tennessee, in Wynonna Judd: Concert From My Place (Sunday, Feb. 27, at 5:30 PM). In between songs, Wynonna and her husband, multi-instrumentalist Cactus Moser, share stories and perform with singer-songwriters Brandi Carlile and Waylon Payne.

Mark Broadway’s reopening with Wicked in Concert (Sunday, Feb. 27, at 9:30 PM), a musical event celebrating the songs from one of the most iconic hits in Broadway history. This special performance features reimagined, never-before-heard musical arrangements created just for this broadcast, performed by celebrity artists from the worlds of film, pop music and television.

Sam Cooke: Legend (Wednesday, March 2, at 10 PM) reveals the rise of the soul music legend, from his beginnings as a gospel singer to his crossover onto the pop and R&B charts. An exploration of more than just his music, the film also looks at Cooke’s personal life and his role as a civil rights activist through interviews with his family, Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Dick Clark and others.

Tracks of Time: The History of Idaho’s Railroads on Idaho Experience (Thursday, March 3, at 7 PM) reveals the railroads that have been vital in opening up Idaho to the world, from the first train locomotive that steamed into Franklin, Idaho, in May of 1874 and the immigrants who would go on to help lay the tracks, to the building of Sun Valley following the Great Depression and the massive freight trains we see today.

The Next Chapter on Outdoor Idaho (Thursday, March 3, at 8:30 PM) discusses the ways in which our land stewards are looking to the future by taking lessons from history’s handbook. Viewers will meet the new owners of a historic homestead in the Frank Church Wilderness, get an inside look at how technology is changing the way wildlife is managed, find out how the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management are evolving as Idaho’s population grows and new challenges appear, hear from farmers trying out soil-friendly solutions in the Magic Valley, and get a better understanding of how climate change is affecting Idaho’s outdoor recreation.

From Sea to Shining Sea (Thursday, March 3, at 10 PM) is a musical travelogue to some of the most breathtaking places across the country. Combining aerial and scenic 4K footage shot at national parks, historic sites and hometown locales, the program is a stunning visual portrait set to uplifting music and a diverse collection of poetry.

Combining footage from a recent American Masters biography with additional performances, Buddy Guy: True to the Blues (Friday, March 4, at 8:30 PM) explores the life and music of the Chicago blues guitarist whose style and passion influenced Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and other electric blues musicians.

What is the true value of travel? Is it just for pleasure or for a deeper purpose? After decades of exploring Europe, Rick Steves shares his thoughts on the subject in Rick Steves Why We Travel (Saturday, March 5, at 5:30 PM). An introspective love story set in Europe and beyond, it celebrates the rewards of exploring our world and the joy that awaits those who travel.

An Evening With Lerner and Loewe – Broadway in Concert (Saturday, March 5, at 7 PM) celebrates the extraordinary contributions of composer and lyricist team Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe with selections from Gigi, My Fair Lady, Camelot, Brigadoon and Paint Your Wagon. Performing these classics are Jenn Colella, Aaron Lazar, Jose Llana, Michael Maliakel, Aisha Jackson, Sean Thompson and Bayla Whitten.

Featuring breathtaking performances by some of the greatest dancers of our age, Irish Dance – Steps of Freedom (Saturday, March 5, at 8:30 PM) charts the evolution of this global dance phenomenon, from its early Celtic origins to its peasant dance roots to its mix with Caribbean and African slave cultures. The program reveals how this dance is a story of religious influence, cultural fusion, migration, and revolution.

Rock band Fleetwood Mac’s hugely successful Rumours album was released in 1977, selling 15 million copies worldwide. Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (Sunday, March 6, at 6 PM) goes behind the scenes of the recording of one of the most successful rock albums of all time, including new versions of Christine McVie’s “Songbird” and “Never Going Back Again” from Lindsey Buckingham.

Celebrate Jules Verne’s classic novel of exploration — and the recent Masterpiece adaptation — in Around the World in 80 Days: Unpacking the Adventure (Sunday, March 6, at 8:30 PM). This behind-the-scenes special features interviews with the stars, writers and filmmakers who brought the Masterpiece series to life, with highlights from all eight episodes.

The 20th anniversary special 20 Things to Do in Midsomer… Before You Die (Thursday, March 10, at 9:30 PM) features stars of the mystery series Midsomer Murders past and present discussing the peculiar quirks of the delightful yet deadly British county. The special includes stories from the set and revisits the show’s most memorable moments, from famous guest stars to fatal festivals. (Season 20 of Midsomer Murders begins Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM.)

Travel through Italy to meet some of the country’s most talented artisans who still create remarkable items by hand in Italy Made With Love (Friday, March 11, at 8:30 PM). From glassblowers in Venice, ceramic makers in Umbria and cashmere weavers in Genoa to olive oil makers in Tuscany and chefs who create delectable dishes that reflect regional culinary traditions, the film celebrates these artisans’ exceptional eye, discerning palate, distinct finesse and, most of all, their love for their craft.

Kenny Rogers Farewell Concert Celebration: All in for the Gambler (Saturday, March 12, at 9 PM) brings together fans, friends and music icons to celebrate singer Kenny Rogers’ final farewell to Nashville. The program features performances by Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton, Idina Menzel, Lady A, Lionel Richie, Little Big Town, Reba McEntire, Wynonna, The Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers along with many other special guests.

The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang – Live on Copacabana Beach (Sunday, March 13, at 8:30 PM) captures a free concert performed in Rio de Janeiro for a combined live and television audience of 1.5 million people. While Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and the late Charlie Watts fire on all pistons, see the crowd meet their energy, waving Brazilian and British flags while rocking out in the tropical evening sunset. This fully restored and remastered version contains four previously unreleased tracks from the concert.

[Canceled] Online Discussion Helps Parents Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

[Sorry, this event has been canceled.]

Parents, caregivers and childcare providers are invited to participate in a free online discussion about preparing children for kindergarten. The conversation, which will be hosted Wednesday, April 27, at 7:00/8:00 p.m. Pacific/Mountain on the Zoom teleconferencing platform, is the first in a discussion series called “Parent Talk.”

What: Parent Talk – “Getting Ready for Kindergarten”

When: Wednesday, April 27, at 7:00/8:00 p.m. Pacific/Mountain

Where: Online via Zoom – Register here

Details: Join Florina Ruvio, Idaho Public Television education specialist, and a group of Idaho classroom teachers to discuss specific actions parents, caregivers and childcare providers can take to prepare children for their first year of school. Panelists will share tools for helping kids learn letter recognition, games that incorporate counting and more.

This is the first in a series of quarterly discussions called “Parent Talk.” According to Ruvio, discussions are planned for April 27, July 27 and October 25, 2022. The next conversation, on July 27, will feature school librarians discussing how caregivers can encourage a love of reading in children.

“I wanted to give parents the space to ask questions they don’t have time to ask before a child starts school or in the short 15-minute parent-teacher conferences, questions we all have probably had at one point or another,” Ruvio says. “Educators are such a wealth of knowledge and they dedicate their lives to helping children thrive. I want to help people remember that and build a better parent-teacher relationship so that children are supported as they make their way through school. Hopefully, if it does well, we’ll continue these and hold discussions about middle and high schoolers as well.” For more information on the Parent Talk series, visit or contact Florina Ruvio at