Festival Specials Showcase Our Idaho Experience

During Festival 2018 (March 2-18) and continuing through March, Idaho Public Television presents special programs that examine Idaho’s history, explore the state’s great outdoors, meet some of its most philanthropic business leaders, and trace the source of some ancient Idaho artifacts.

IdahoPTV’s newest series, Idaho Experience, debuts its first episode, Titans, on Thursday, March 8, at 7 PM.

There was a time when Joe Albertson had his first grocery store, when mining magnate Harry Magnuson was unsure about his future. Making it big in business means taking risks and putting everything on the line. But is success about more than just making money? These Idaho titans of industry are rags-to-riches stories that some people think they know — but there is more to them than you might think.

“When I set out to make this program, I didn’t know what to expect,” says producer Aaron Kunz. “But sitting down with family members, historians, and friends of Idaho’s titans, I learned that making money was just a small part of who they are. Many of these titans had to give back to Idaho and their community; it was built into their DNA. I hope when you watch this program you’ll see these recognizable names in a whole new way.”

The hourlong 35th Anniversary Special from Outdoor Idaho (Thursday, March 8, at 8 PM) revisits some of the scenic wonders the show has explored, and examines some of the land management issues the state still faces. Along the way, there are bloopers and some favorite interviews. Idaho singer-songwriter Casey Kristofferson even performs an original song.

“We’ve sorted through the archives to find some fun outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage caught on camera over the years,” says producer Sauni Symonds. “And we’ll take a stroll down memory lane with some of the folks who helped create the show and build the brand.”

“We’ve asked our Facebook friends to tell us what the show means to them, and some of those comments will make it into the program,” says host and executive producer Bruce Reichert. “But I suspect I already know why Outdoor Idaho has a following: we tell Idaho’s stories.”

Outdoor Idaho is made possible through funding from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation.

Idaho From Above

An encore of the aerial spectacular Idaho From Above from local filmmakers Wide Eye Productions airs Monday, March 12, at 7 PM. With more contiguous wilderness than any state outside of Alaska, Idaho’s remote and rugged landscapes are best captured from the air. Filmed from a helicopter and acquired in stunning high definition, Idaho From Above explores all the wonders our state offers — wild, mountainous, cracked with desert canyons and flowing with rivers of life.

Production funding for Idaho From Above was provided to Wide Eye Productions by Air St. Luke’s.

Legacy in Stone

In 1961, an amazing discovery of ancient Clovis points (a projectile point similar to an arrowhead, knapped from flint or a similar mineral) was uncovered on the Bill Simon farm in Fairfield, Idaho.

In Legacy in Stone: Discovering Ancient Flintknapping in Idaho (Tuesday, March 13, at 8:30 PM), Twin Falls residents Jim Paxton, Al Frost and Jim Woods team up with producer Mark Bork for a documentary about what is known today as the Simon Collection. Estimated to be 12,000 years old, this cache of more than 30 Clovis points is now on display at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science at the College of Southern Idaho.

Northwest archeologists come together in the film to demonstrate the art, science and skill of flintknapping, which created these exquisite ancient artifacts. “I did not know what flintknapping was when we started. Today I am in awe of the artists who have mastered this ancient skill,” says director Mark Bork. “Twin Falls is so fortunate to house such a rare collection of artifacts. They are beautiful and tell a story of what life was like thousands of years ago.”

Rosalie Title

We pay tribute to Idaho music legend Rosalie Sorrels, who passed away in 2017, with an encore of Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho (Thursday, March 15, at 7 PM). The program features a concert performance recorded in 2005 at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey and also includes interviews with musicians Pete Seeger, Nanci Griffith, Jean Ritchie, Terry Garthwaite, Utah Phillips and others.

During the tribute, Boise musician Rocci Johnson will be in the studio to introduce Tribute to the Travelin’ Lady: Rosalie Sorrels, a four-CD box set featuring 44 songs written or inspired by Sorrels and performed by local and national artists. Viewers will have the opportunity to pledge their support for IdahoPTV and receive this historical compilation as a CD set or a digital download card.

Just imagine … you arrive in Idaho without understanding the culture, the language or the law. Who can you trust?

American Beat: Cops and Refugees Join Forces in Boise (Thursday, March 29, at 8:30 PM) weaves together three stories about a local police department’s commitment to supporting immigrants: the officers’ groundbreaking efforts to integrate and mentor refugees; the determination of a former Iraqi translator for the U.S. military putting down roots with his family and hoping to become a police officer; and the story of Boise, Idaho, itself, a city working to help refugees from war-torn Africa and the Middle East learn to trust that in America, a united community can conquer tragedy and hate.

“There is real power in sharing the stories of people who face challenges together, and how people cross cultural divides to come together, rather than be ripped apart,” says producer Gail Ablow. “Particularly at this moment, there is much that people across the country can learn from the Boise Police Department’s ‘American Beat.’”

Festival Specials Feed Your Body, Mind and Wallet

Weekend daytime programs during Festival 2018 (March 2-18) are filled with financial advice, exercise tips, and delicious recipes! Here are just a few highlights of the weekend programs featured during Festival to help viewers improve their health and finances. Find our complete schedule online at idahoptv.org.

All times are Mountain/Pacific.

Easy Yoga: The Secret to Strength and Balance With Peggy Cappy (Saturday, March 3, at 8/7 AM) shows how yoga can aid anyone, of any age, who wants to increase strength and mobility.

In America’s Home Cooking: Eat Your Veggies! (Saturday, March 3, at 9/8 AM) Chris Fennimore and creative home cooks tackle vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Food: What the Heck Do I Eat? With Mark Hyman, M.D. (Saturday, March 3, at 11/10 AM) reveals which foods nurture our health and which pose a threat.

Dr Joel_Fuhrman

Three Steps to Incredible Health! With Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (Saturday, March 3, at 1 PM/noon) addresses the crisis of obesity and chronic disease plaguing America by presenting a revolutionary health plan.

Better Brain Solution With Steven Masley, M.D. (Saturday, March 3, at 2:30/1:30 PM) explains the connection between memory loss and diabetes.

Retire Safe & Secure With Ed Slott (Sunday, March 4, at 11/10 AM) examines changes to the tax code and shows how viewers can protect their retirement savings.

Memory Rescue With Daniel Amen, M.D. (Sunday, March 4, at 1 PM/noon) addresses the 11 treatable or preventable risk factors that destroy brain function.

Age Reversed With Miranda Esmonde-White (Saturday, March 10, at 8:30/7:30 AM) shares practical information on slowing down and potentially reversing the aging process through exercise and other lifestyle choices.

Haylie Pomroy Metabolism Revolution! (Saturday, March 10, at 10/9 AM) celebrates the health victories of those on the Metabolism Revolution diet.

Pain Free Living

Survival Guide for Pain-Free Living With Peggy Cappy (Saturday, March 10, at 11:30/10:30 AM) demonstrates stretches and body positions that relieve pain.

Incredible Aging: Adding Life to Your Years (Sunday, March 11, at 11/10 AM) shows viewers how to increase their “health span” despite the effects of aging.

Brain Body Mind Connection With Dr. Rudy Tanzi & Dr. Deepak Chopra (Sunday, March 11, at 12:30 PM/11:30 AM) discusses sleep, energy and brain health.

Forever Painless With Miranda Esmonde-White (Saturday, March 17, at 8/7 AM) provides a groundbreaking education on chronic pain and its causes, and offers a new approach to pain management.

America’s Home Cooking: B Is for Bacon (Saturday, March 17, at 9/8 AM) spotlights the ingredient that has become a national obsession and demonstrates that bacon is not only for breakfast!

Suze Orman

Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You (Saturday, March 17, at noon/11 AM) offers advice on financial issues and problem areas, based not just on numbers but on a critical understanding of consumers and their emotional needs.

The Forever Wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer (Sunday, March 18, at 11/10 AM) celebrates the iconic thinker’s wisdom teachings and unique ability to translate abstract ideas into down-to-earth lessons that can be applied to everyday life.

In Jesus: Countdown to Calvary (Sunday, March 18, at 3:30/2:30 PM), Hugh Bonneville, actor and a Cambridge theology graduate, travels to Jerusalem in search of answers about the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

Music Abounds During Festival 2018

These are just a few of the legendary performers featured in concert performances and other music specials during Festival 2018 (March 2-18). View our online schedule for more great performances.


Jimmy Buffett: Buried Treasure (Friday, March 2, at 10 PM) showcases early songs from Buffett’s “pre-beach” years, many recorded in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama. The musician discusses what got him started in music, his early struggles, and his endless days on the road.

In An Evening With Lucia Micarelli (Saturday, March 3, at 4:30 PM) be dazzled by the violin virtuoso in a concert ranging from classical to jazz to traditional fiddle music and Americana, all bound together by Micarelli’s trademark emotional vulnerability and technical wizardry.

Shen Yun – Music and Dance (Saturday, March 3, at 6 PM) features the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company as they prepare for a new season with original orchestral arrangements, dances, handmade costumes and painted backgrounds.

In Andre Rieu: Waltzing Forever (Saturday, March 3, at 9 PM), join “The King of the Waltz” for an evening of enchanting music in a medieval town square in the Netherlands. Rieu engages the crowds with dazzling vocalists, dancers and his 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra.

The Texas Tenors: Rise (Sunday, March 4, at 4 PM) features American tenors with a Texas twist performing a tribute to Les Miserables, selections from Phantom of the Opera, and classic rock, pop and country favorites at Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House.

Carole King Tapestry Live From Hyde Park, London (Sunday, March 4, at 5:30 PM) features King performing her groundbreaking 1971 album, Tapestry, in its entirety at the 2016 Summer Festival at Hyde Park in London.


Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers at the Fonda Theatre (Sunday, March 4, at 8:30 PM) captures the Stones performing a private show in 2015 at the historic Los Angeles venue. The band performs their 1971 album Sticky Fingers in its entirety, along with other classic songs.

The Bee Gees One for All Tour – Live in Australia 1989 (Monday, March 5, at 7 PM) features the tight harmonies of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb as they perform their greatest hits as well as some rarely heard selections.

Queen Rock the World (Monday, March 5, at 9 PM) is a newly released film of British rock band Queen’s 1977 tour, featuring their hit songs “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions” and others.

Roy Orbison: Black & White Night 30 (Tuesday, March 6, at 10 PM) is a newly edited and remastered 30th anniversary version of the iconic concert with an all-star lineup including Jackson Browne, T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, k.d. lang, Bonnie Raitt and others.

Rhythm, Love & Soul from My Music (Wednesday, March 7, at 9:30 PM) features Aretha Franklin and Lou Rawls along with 20 legends of R&B, Motown and soul, including Gloria Gaynor, The Manhattans, Edwin Starr, Peaches & Herb, The Spinners and others.

JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala (Friday, March 9, at 9 PM) includes performances from Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Harry Belafonte, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Gene Kelly and others in a presidential gala event taped in 1961 but never broadcast on television.

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris – At the Ryman (Saturday, March 10, at 2/1 PM MT/PT) celebrates 125 years of live entertainment at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with Harris and her acoustic band, The Nash Ramblers, in a re-creation of their mesmerizing 1991 concert, which helped spearhead efforts to refurbish the century-old home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Pavarotti: A Voice for the Ages from Great Performances (Saturday, March 10, at 5:30 PM) includes operatic arias, Neapolitan songs, and popular duets with Bono, Sting, Vanessa Williams and Eric Clapton.

Doo Wop Generations from My Music (Saturday, March 10, at 7 PM) celebrates the new generation of doo wop performers as the original legends reunite to pass the torch. Performers include Kenny Vance & the Planotones, The Duprees, The Whiptones and others.

In Hans Zimmer – Live in Prague (Saturday, March 10, at 9 PM), the renowned composer of more than 120 film scores is joined by the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra and a choir to delight the Prague audience with selections from his storied career.

Sgt. Pepper’s Musical Revolution (Sunday, March 11, at 9:30 PM) looks back at the creation and ongoing influence of the 1967 Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album was an immediate sensation and recognized as revolutionary in the history of modern music.

In 70s Soul Superstars from My Music (Monday, March 12, at 8 PM), join Patti LaBelle for a reunion of the legends of 1970s Motown, R&B and soul, including the Commodores,  Eugene Record reuniting with the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics, Yvonne Elliman, Heatwave and others.

Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven (Tuesday, March 13, at 7 PM) tells the story of Phil and Don Everly, two of the most important and influential early rock ’n’ roll stars of the 1950s and ’60s.

In The Highwaymen Live at Nassau Coliseum (Tuesday, March 13, at 9:30 PM), join Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson (“the Mt. Rushmore of country music”) for a concert recorded in 1990.


Rocktopia Live in Budapest: A Classical Revolution (Wednesday, March 14, at 8:30 PM) immerses viewers in a revolutionary performance that fuses classical music with classic rock in a concert filmed live at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.

We pay tribute to Idaho music legend Rosalie Sorrels, who passed away in 2017, with an encore of Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho (Thursday, March 15, at 7 PM). The program features a concert performance recorded in 2005 at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey and also includes interviews with musicians Pete Seeger, Nanci Griffith, Jean Ritchie, Terry Garthwaite, Utah Phillips and others.

Alan Jackson Precious Memories (Friday, March 16, at 9 PM) features gospel classics recorded by the country singer as a promise to his mother, performed at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

In George Perris: Live in New York (Friday, March 16, at 10:30 PM), the exciting, young international crossover pop crooner takes the audience on an inspiring and dynamic journey of repertoire in three languages with a stunning backdrop of New York City and Central Park at night.

Filmed in 2002, a year after George Harrison’s death, Concert for George (Saturday, March 17, at 2/1 PM MT/PT) memorializes the musician’s life with performances of his music by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and others.

Celtic Woman – Homecoming: Ireland (Saturday, March 17, at 4:30 PM) celebrates the timeless emotion of Ireland’s centuries-old heritage in this concert filmed in Dublin. Celtic Woman combines the country’s finest musical talents with epic stage production.

Lawrence Welk: Precious Memories (Saturday, March 17, at 6:30 PM) is a program of spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys featuring stars from the Welk Musical Family including Norma Zimmer, the Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle and others.

In Van Morrison: Live at the Rainbow (Saturday, March 17, at 11 PM) watch the legendary Irish soul singer at the peak of his powers in a 1973 London concert. Features Morrison’s scorching renditions of signature songs including “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Moondance” and “Caravan, ” backed by the Caledonia Soul Orchestra.

Celtic Thunder X (Sunday, March 18, at 8:30 PM) is a brand new show celebrating 10 years of the Irish singing and stage show featuring a mix of 27 new songs, traditional and contemporary Celtic music, classic hits, love songs, and fun retro tunes.

Pledge For Tickets to See These Amazing Live Acts!

Tune in each night during Festival 2018 (March 2-18) for spectacular musical programs and hear how you can pledge your support for Idaho Public Television and receive tickets to see some amazing artists when they perform live in Idaho!


Ticket opportunities will include:

  • Celtic Woman
  • Shen Yun (with meet & greet)
  • Rod Stewart
  • Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton
  • Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers
  • Maks, Peta and Val from Dancing With the Stars


Plug and Play

“Family Night” is March 6 from 7-10 PM. Tune in during our special night of entertaining and educational family programming to learn how you can win a PBS KIDS Plug and Play streaming media player. During Family Night, you’ll also have the opportunity to pledge your support for IdahoPTV and receive tickets to see the stage production Click, Clack, Moo, May 4 at the Morrison Center in Boise.



On Thursday, March 15, at 7 PM we pay tribute to Idaho music legend Rosalie Sorrels, who passed away in 2017, with an encore of Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho. The program features a concert performance recorded in 2005 at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey and also includes interviews with musicians Pete Seeger, Nanci Griffith, Jean Ritchie, Terry Garthwaite, Utah Phillips and others.

During the tribute, Boise musician Rocci Johnson will be in the studio to introduce Tribute to the Travelin’ Lady: Rosalie Sorrels, a four-CD box set featuring 44 songs written or inspired by Sorrels and performed by local and national artists. You’ll have the opportunity to pledge your support for IdahoPTV and receive this historical compilation as a CD set or a digital download card.

New ‘Science Trek’ Digital Shorts Explore the Heart, Lungs and Blood

Idaho Public Television’s original series Science Trek visits with pediatric cardiologist Dr. Melissa Agoudemos — and tours the famed two-story heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia — in a series of digital shorts released in February about the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Each month, Science Trek explores a subject with short videos available on the Science Trek website, on a Facebook page for parents and teachers, on YouTube, and on PBS LearningMedia, a free media site for preK-12 educators.

The following digital shorts are available on these platforms in February:

HeartThe Heart: Heart Basics – The heart is a muscle about the size of your fist; it’s small but packs a punch. Your heart beats more than 30 million times a year and is vital to keeping you alive and healthy. Find out more about the heart at the famous two-story heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The Heart: Blood Basics – The heart’s job is to pump blood, and there’s more to blood than you may think. Blood does more than just carry oxygen to your cells. The body’s circulatory system keeps you warm, carries away waste and helps you stay healthy.

The Heart: Heart Q&A – Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Melissa Agoudemos answers students’ questions about the heart.

The Heart: Blood Q&A – Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Melissa Agoudemos answers students’ questions about blood.

The Heart: Lungs Q&A – Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Melissa Agoudemos answers students’ questions about lungs.

The Heart: Heart Disease Q&A – Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Melissa Agoudemos answers students’ questions about heart disease.

The Heart: 360-degree Immersive – Join host Joan Cartan-Hansen on a 360-degree immersive tour the famous two-story heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.


About Science Trek

Science Trek continues its 19th season with a new digital content focus. Instead of producing new 30-minute broadcast shows, Joan Cartan-Hansen and the Science Trek team will deliver more online-first content.

“Each month, we explore a scientific subject with digital shorts available on the Science Trek website, on a new Facebook page for parents and teachers, on YouTube, and on PBS Learning Media, a free, online media-on-demand service developed for preK-12 educators,” says Cartan-Hansen. The Science Trek team is even experimenting with 360-degree immersive video production.

Cartan-Hansen says in addition to the video, each month’s topic will have facts, links, reading lists, lesson plans, games and other educational support material all available on the website. The Science Trek website has more than 90 different scientific topics with video and supporting educational material all correlated to Idaho’s science standards and the Common Core science standards.

Production of Science Trek is made possible by support from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Idaho National Laboratory and the Walmart Foundation.

‘American Creed’ Documentary Kicks Off Local Community Conversations

In a seemingly fractured nation, what ideals do Americans share in common? To find out, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy teams up with former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice for American Creed, a cross-partisan documentary that showcases stories of activists striving to realize America’s promise across deep divides:

  • Joan Blades, founder of MoveOn.org, and Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, form an unexpected bond.
  • Baseball manager Joe Maddon becomes a civic activist after a controversial immigration ordinance is passed in his Pennsylvania coal country hometown.
  • Deidre Prevett, a school principal in Oklahoma, fights for low-income children.
  • US Marine Tegan Griffith advocates for fellow veterans in Wisconsin.
  • Author Junot Diaz makes the case for public institutions like the New Jersey library where he learned to become a writer.
  • Based in Seattle, Eric Liu creates new civic rituals and brings community leaders together across divides.
  • Entrepreneurs Leila Janah and Terrence Davenport create economic opportunity in the Arkansas Delta where the legacy of slavery and sharecropping persists.

American Creed airs Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 9 PM on Idaho Public Television.


AC ComConv logo color

In the weeks leading up to the documentary broadcast, Idaho Public Television and partners the Idaho Statesman and the Boise State University Center for Idaho History and Politics are organizing two public screenings of clips from American Creed that will include panel discussions on topics that affect Idahoans.

“Civil Discourse in the Western States” – Thursday, Feb. 15, at 5:15 PM in the Lincoln Auditorium at the State Capitol in Boise. (The event is FREE, but please register.)

Bill Manny of the Idaho Statesman will moderate a panel focusing on Idaho efforts to build consensus and seek common ground on some of the West’s thorny lands issues, an area of collaboration where Idaho has set an example for the nation.

When it comes to forest management, controversies about forest fires, litigation, clear-cuts and agency gridlock often dominate the headlines. But behind the scenes, Idahoans are writing several success stories that don’t often get as much attention. That’s a shame, because when the timber industry, conservationists and others work together, the results are good for Idaho. For too long organizations have been at odds as to what to do.

But times change. Changes in forest health, rural economies, climate, wildfire size and frequency, and declining Forest Service budgets meant neither timber sales nor restoration projects were happening. It seemed that the Forest Service was having a difficult time getting things done, and neither group could jump-start things on their own. This is where learning how to bridge the divide and how to discuss the issues move organizations from being at odds with each other to seeing common solutions.

The discussion will explore how people in Idaho build consensus and seek common ground on some of the West’s thorniest issues. It will feature a conversation with Mac Lefebvre of Grangeville, a procurement forester with Idaho Forest Group; and John Robison of Boise, public lands director for the Idaho Conservation League. Mac and John are two of the participants in the Payette Forest Coalition, which has helped design forest restoration projects with the Forest Service, the industry and the environmental community that have produced timber for local sawmills, jobs for Idaho workers, and improved health and habitat for Idaho fish and forests.


“DACA and the Magic Valley” – Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 5:30 PM in the Rick Allen Room at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science (College of Southern Idaho) in Twin Falls. (The event is FREE, but please register.)

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is scheduled to be phased out on March 5. As the rhetoric about the program heats up once again, can communities with undocumented residents have civil, productive conversations about the issue?

Building off the themes of a new PBS documentary, American Creed, IdahoPTV host Marcia Franklin will moderate a discussion at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) in Twin Falls about ways to bridge the divide over the often-contentious issue of immigration. The evening will also include the screening of clips from American Creed.

Panelists include:

  • Idaho Rep. Lance Clow (R-24)
  • Cesar Perez, Associate Dean of Extended Studies, CSI
  • Laura Prado, CSI student.

Food will be served at 5:30 PM and the program will begin at 6:00.


IdahoPTV will also present clips from American Creed during the Boise State University Civility Symposium scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, at Boise State University. The conference will explore civility and civic literacy.

We invite you to watch American Creed, join in the conversation on Facebook, and RSVP here for one of the events in your area.

American Creed was co-produced by Citizen Film and WTTW – Chicago PBS with major support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Meet ‘Pinkalicious & Peterrific’ on the Big Screen!

Join us for a FREE screening of the newest PBS KIDS creation, Pinkalicious & Peterrific, on one of several big screens around Idaho!

Pinkalicious screenings

The screenings are free, but please RSVP HERE.

Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 4 PM – Madison Library in Rexburg
Saturday, Feb. 10, at 10:30 AM – Overland Park Cinemas in Boise
Saturday, Feb. 10, at 10:30 AM – Hayden Discount Cinema in Hayden
Saturday, Feb. 10, at 10:30 AM – Wilson Theatre in Rupert

Giveaways will be provided by our Idaho PBS KIDS Channel sponsors (quantities are limited while supplies last):


Based on the book series by Victoria Kann, this new PBS KIDS animated series Pinkalicious & Peterrific encourages children ages 3-5 to engage in the creative arts and self-expression, covering areas such as music, dance and visual arts. The series follows the adventures of Pinkalicious and her brother, Peter. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. She is an artist at heart, and like most creative people, she sees the world differently from others. She knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to express herself — though she sometimes needs help from her brother, Peter, and her neighborhood friends.

After the series makes its hourlong premiere on Idaho Public Television, it will continue airing new episodes on both our IDAHO Channel and our new PBS KIDS Channel. Each new episode will feature two 11-minute animated stories, a live-action segment, and an original song.

The hourlong premiere of Pinkalicious & Peterrific airs Monday, Feb. 19 at 5/4 PM MT/PT on the PBS KIDS Channel, and at 8:30/7:30 AM and again at 1:30/12:30 PM on the IDAHO Channel. Thirty-minute episodes will continue airing throughout the week in these time slots.