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Thousands of Idaho students don’t have a computer at home or a way to connect to the internet so they can learn remotely during this coronavirus pandemic. But nearly every family in Idaho has a television set and can watch Idaho Public Television. That is where IdahoPTV’s “Classroom Idaho: Learn @ Home” programming can connect these students with certified Idaho teachers so that they can finish learning for the balance of this school year.

Beginning April 20, Idaho teachers will provide instruction to students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 via Idaho Public Television’s CREATE channel (one of our five free over-the-air broadcast channels).

Third grade instruction begins at 8am MT/7am PT, and will repeat at Noon MT/11am PT; 4th grade instruction begins at 9am MT/8am PT; 5th grade instruction begins at 10am MT/9am PT and 6th grade instruction begins at 11am MT/10am PT. The instruction will be aligned with what the students would be learning if they were still attending their brick-and-mortar schools.

The same lessons will also be available in playlists for students with connectivity at IdahoPTV’s YouTube channel.

ClassroomID statewide channels

IdahoPTV’s over-the-air broadcast channels are free to receive. All you need is an antenna. Our signal is available to over 99 percent of the households in Idaho. For information on where to find our CREATE channel and other free channels in your area, or how to re-scan to find our channels, visit our website.

Our full channel lineup is also available on many major cable outlets around the state. Check with your local cable provider.

Idaho Public Television General Manager Ron Pisaneschi shared the station’s enthusiasm for the project noting that “We are pleased to partner with the State Department of Education and Idaho Business for Education to use the power of public television to deliver these lessons to students in homes throughout Idaho. PBS has always been America’s largest classroom, but now we are bringing Idaho’s teachers and their lessons directly into students’ homes.”

Idaho Business for Education is working during this epidemic to get computers and internet connectivity to as many students as possible who don’t have these resources at home,” IBE President and CEO Rod Gramer said. “But we also know that getting these resources to every student in a timely way may not be possible. That’s why IBE so appreciates Idaho Public TV stepping up and providing “Classroom Idaho: Learn @ Home” so that all 3rd-6th grade students in Idaho have access to instruction from one of Idaho’s great teachers.”

“For the State Department of Education and educators throughout Idaho, a crucial objective during this soft closure has been to find ways to reach all of our students with distance learning, although online access and equipment is a major challenge in many communities and households,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said. “I am thrilled that Idaho Public Television has stepped forward to level the playing field, providing instruction via equipment that virtually all households already have – their TVs.” “Through this partnership with Idaho Public Television and Idaho Business For Education, some of Idaho’s great teachers will provide instruction in math, history and more to students in grades 3 through 6, the key demographic that is not currently reached by educational TV in Idaho. We are thrilled to line up teachers for the project and help bring this brilliant idea to Idaho children and families.”

CLASSROOM IDAHO: Learn @ Home is a partnership of Idaho Public Television, Idaho Business for Education and the State Department of Education.

IdahoPTV CREATE & IDAHO Channels Broadcasting Educational Programming Monday-Friday

Create Channel MS HS Programming

With schools closed across the Gem State, Idaho Public Television is here to support teachers and families with at-home distance learning. We have added free over-the-air programming for grades 4 through 12 every weekday afternoon (M-F) on our CREATE channel. This will ensure Idaho students will have access to educational programs regardless of their access to broadband internet. Tune in weekdays from 1:00 to 6:00 PM Mountain time and from noon to 5:00 PM Pacific.

The lineup of educational programs was selected with home-teaching support in mind. Each program has free lesson plans and support materials that can be used by parents and teachers alike to support learning at home. Find them at

In addition to our CREATE channel programming, we have programming for grades PreK-4 on our main IDAHO channel from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM weekdays.

To help teachers and parents locate corresponding educational materials, Kari Wardle, our teacher ambassador, posts the broadcast schedule each week with links to accompanying resources that correspond to some of the shows airing during the day. These schedules are posted on the IdahoPTV Teacher Facebook page and the IdahoPTV Families Facebook page.

“We are Idaho’s only statewide media organization, reaching nearly 100 percent of Idaho homes with five free over-the-air broadcast channels,” says Ron Pisaneschi, Idaho Public Television’s general manager. “With schools closed in Idaho and students and teachers at home, we wanted to use the power and reach of IdahoPTV’s broadcast to provide a schedule of curriculum-based, high-quality educational programming for these grade levels each weekday.”

If you aren’t receiving our five channels on your over-the-air antenna, rescan your TV to access the five free channels, including our CREATE and IDAHO channels.

Find the CREATE channel in your area:
Eastern Idaho on 10.3
Magic Valley, Wood River Valley on 13.3
Palouse, Camas, Prairie on 12.3
Panhandle on 26.3
Treasure Valley on 4.3


PBS KIDS Virtual Edcamp for Early Childhood Educators

Edcamp411Idaho Public Television is excited to partner with PBS KIDS to host PBS KIDS Virtual Edcamp for Early Childhood Educators!

PBS KIDS Virtual Edcamp is NOT a traditional conference; no keynote speaker, pre-arranged content, or registration fee.

So what exactly is it? A PBS KIDS Virtual Edcamp is a local virtual gathering of PreK-3 grade educators connecting through shared experiences and peer-led conversations with a PBS twist!

An idea conceived by teachers eager to challenge the status quo and take control of their own professional learning, the Edcamp model was initially sparked by informal conversations between educators on social media. Across the country, educators were connecting on Twitter to discuss topics of interest and learn new ideas. These conversations inspired educators to continue the dialogue in person as participant-driven, peer-led gatherings.

Interested in attending? Sign up for the PBS KIDS Virtual Edcamp!

**Upon registration, a Zoom video link will be sent to the email you provide. Please use that link to join us.

Idaho Is Resilient

newlogoblueIdahoans are a resilient bunch. In times of crisis, we come together to help one another. In that spirit, Idaho Public Television is here for you.

We have created a  COVID-19 website dedicated to keeping the Gem State informed on the situation.  Melissa Davlin and Idaho Reports will continue coverage beyond the legislative session to provide updates including a  special hour-long live program with Gov. Brad Little this Thursday at 8pm MT | 7pm PT. In addition, look for short daily updates on Idaho coronavirus news beginning next week before and after the PBS NewsHour on our main channel.

With students at home, our Distance Learning website provides educatorsfamilies and  communities resources to support the entire learning ecosystem, both broadcast and online. And our locally produced program  Science Trek provides a wide range of STEM-related resources.

We are making all of our local programming available without restrictions, so everyone can enjoy our full archives of Outdoor IdahoDialogueIdaho Experience and more. Enjoy these programs on the PBS Video app and on your smart TV, streaming device or computer .

And finally, Masterpiece has prepared a list of historical dramas to watch, making us feel, however briefly, that we’ve traveled far beyond the familiarity of our living rooms.

I am very proud of our extraordinary team who are more committed than ever to doing their work, even if most of them are doing it from home. A small team of engineers and others has to be in our office to keep us on air and online with timely coverage. But, most of the 70 or so IdahoPTV staffers are working remotely. Wherever we are working, you can count on us to continue to answer your calls and emails and do the important work you rely on throughout this period.

Together, we will get through this, Idaho.

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Watch an Idaho Reports Special on Coronavirus in Idaho



An Idaho Reports Special on Coronavirus in Idaho airs on Thursday, March 19 at 8:00 PM.

Idaho is under a state of emergency, and coronavirus news is changing by the hour, with school closures and new confirmed cases. Now more than ever, you need straightforward information on how COVID-19 could affect you and your daily life. Watch Idaho Reports 8:00 PM Thursday for answers to your questions from state leaders and medical experts. Be informed, not afraid.

The show follows the airing of  the PBS NewsHour Special “Confronting the Coronavirus,” at 7:00 PM.

Stream Idaho Reports Special on Coronavirus in Idaho

What You Should Know About the Novel Coronavirus


What is COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a new coronavirus that hasn’t been previously identified. The virus causing COVID-19 isn’t the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness like the common cold.

We have created a resources page to help inform those in our community who may want more information about the virus. You can also find resources for educators, resources for parents and caregivers and more.

The CDC is updating its Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page regularly at noon, Mondays through Fridays.

‘Confronting Coronavirus’ PBS NewsHour Special Airs Thursday

It’s been less than three months since reports of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, first made international headlines. With worldwide cases  on every continent now except for Antarctica growing significantly every day, the World Health Organization has now declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Confronting Coronavirus: A PBS NewsHour Special which airs Thursday, March 19, at 7 PM will focus on health precautions for individuals and the public-at-large as well as the pandemic’s economic impact in both the United States and globally. The prime-time special, to be anchored by managing editor Judy Woodruff, will include interviews with officials; reporting from NewsHour’s bench of special correspondents throughout the world; and a virtual town hall with curated questions from people across America, to be moderated by NewsHour correspondents Amna Nawaz and William Brangham.

Nominate Your Favorite “Techy” Teacher to Be Our Digital Innovator

Idaho Public Television needs your help identifying a tech-savvy, innovative and collaborative teacher to honor as our next Digital Innovator.

The IdahoPTV Digital Innovator program recognizes Idaho teachers who enhance learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classrooms. Each spring IdahoPTV selects one Idaho K-12 educator to serve as Digital Innovator for the following school year.

Whether you’re a fellow teacher, a school administrator, a parent or a student, YOU can nominate your favorite classroom changemaker to be the 2020-2021 IdahoPTV Digital Innovator. Do you know an educator who pushes the boundaries of teaching to better engage their students, and who enhances learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classroom? A teacher who is passionate, bold and innovative? A classroom collaborator who is excited to share new resources and skills with fellow educators?

We are accepting your nominations from March 16 through April 17. Nominees must be K-12 educators holding a current teaching certificate and currently teaching in an Idaho classroom or working in an Idaho school.

You can nominate them online and include a one-page letter with the following details:

• How long have you known the educator?
• Why do you think this educator deserves to be the IdahoPTV Digital Innovator?
• What is something innovative this educator is currently doing in their classroom?

The winning Digital Innovator will be announced in May. This teacher will have opportunities to explore new teaching strategies and share their knowledge with other Idaho teachers, beginning this summer with IdahoPTV’s annual “Educate and Celebrate” event. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the Digital Innovator will partner with IdahoPTV education staff on professional development trainings for teachers around Idaho. They will also receive an expenses-paid trip to the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) conference in Seattle (March 2021) as well as a classroom innovation kit from IdahoPTV.

Friends of IdahoPTV Seeks New Board Members

There are many ways to help Idaho Public Television grow and prosper in our state. One way is to volunteer your time as a volunteer board director for the Friends of Idaho Public Television. 

The Friends of Idaho Public Television, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and has a board of directors comprised of individuals from across our service areas. The organization also solicits funds for the Idaho Public Television Endowment, which funds the creation and acquisition of IdahoPTV programming and capital equipment.

Board directors come from all areas of the state and have many responsibilities including advocating for public television, serving as a sounding board for our services, cultivating financial support, and serving on various board committees. 

For more information on applying to be a Friends of Idaho Public Television board director, visit our website, call (208) 373-7330, or email

“Sawtooths on My Mind” Screening in Ketchum

**Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 (the coronavirus), all public screenings and events, including this one, will be canceled. We’re hoping to reschedule the events for later in the year. Thank you for understanding.**

Please join Idaho Public Television staff as we present a free screening of the Outdoor Idaho film “Sawtooths on My Mind.”

Sunday, March 22, at 3 PM (doors open at 2 PM)

The Community Library in Ketchum

John A. and Carole O. Moran Lecture Hall

The event is free but please register here.

Who can forget their first view of the Sawtooth Mountains — one of the West’s most iconic landscapes. During the summer months, it is not unusual to find hikers from all over the world utilizing the 350 miles of trails that connect many of the 400 lakes scattered throughout the distinctive granite peaks.

Sawtooths on My Mind examines the allure of this remarkable mountain range, from the point of view of people who are seeing it for the first time and folks who have worked to preserve the unique flavor of the region.

The Outdoor Idaho crew hikes deep into the Sawtooth National Recreation Area to capture the magic of one of the West’s youngest batholiths. The extremes of weather, including relatively recent glacial activity, have earned the Sawtooths their distinctive name.

“This is The People’s Wilderness, so accessible and so beloved,” says producer Bruce Reichert. “Visitors who are content to spend their time at Redfish Lake and lifetime caretakers who worry about the fragility of this area — they all speak from the heart about one of Idaho’s truly inspiring landscapes.”